March 2nd, 2011

  • lisbei

What would be the after effects of a week-long coma?

My character has been in a car accident and I want him to be in a coma for at least a week. But what could cause the coma, and would it be better for the overall recovery if the coma was induced by the doctors who are treating him?

At first I wanted to have him be concussed and not treated immediately, but is that type of coma more likely to cause lasting after-effects (I don't want any, or at least the minimum)? At first I also wanted some kind of traumatic chest injury which would introduce defibrillation into the story, but I reconsidered, as the character is a singer, and I didn't want anything which affected lung capacity in the long run.

So, coma. Would he be on a respirator? What about naso-gastric intubation? Even though I'm writing an unrealistic premise (yes, the Flashforward crossover is still kicking my ass), I like the details to be realistic!

I have googled for: coma, aftereffects of week-long coma, and tubes in nose.

ETA. Thanks everyone, you've all been really helpful!

Rank & Duties - First Lieutenant, Captain, Major (specific to Colby Granger of Numb3rs)

In my fic, ‘Regrets I Have Lived,’ I made the character of Colby Granger a First Lieutenant – I can’t recall how I came up with that rank so… don’t ask /chuckle.  I’m thinking that, shortly after the humvee incident, Colby got promoted to Captain.  I would really like to have him be the rank of Major before he ends up joining the FBI, which is going to be happening in my fic for the Numb3rs Mini Big Bang over at Numb3rs_Novella.


Since canon never gave us much backstory, Colby’s service in the Army is kind of a mess to decipher – as shown by segments of several discussions over at SaveColby, which I’ve placed behind the cut for length.

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