March 1st, 2011

elegant lady

jewish law and tradition concerning mourning, suicide and remarriage

This takes place about 1865-1867 in London.

I have read through this website

and various websites on victorian london including one article about the jews in london (don't have that link unfortunately) googled jewish laws, widows, suicide in various combinations.

the scenario is this: A Jewish woman's husband commits suicide and leaves her a widow. Her husband was not a good man at all and drank and constables had to be frequently called to their residence. Though there was nothing untoward going on between them during the period she was married one of these constables, also Jewish, ends up marrying this woman sometime later.

I wanted to get some more concrete information about if marrying a widow whose husband had killed himself was permissable first of all or discouraged or forbidden. Also what would have been the community attitudes towards this marriage? What would have been a reasonable and respectable time period between her husband's death and remarriage? Any other details I need to be aware of I would appreciate greatly. Thank you so much :)