February 24th, 2011

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Officer shot: hospital and police procedure

Hi friends!

I've browsed the tags and done some searching on my own, but the question is specific to post-admission procedure, so I'd love some help.

Fictional situation, modern day America: uniformed officer shot in a drugs bust, wounded in the shoulder. He's taken to the hospital and wakes up after surgery.

What happens now? Is there procedure for the police unit to follow up on the injury? Forms to fill out? Length of time until he's allowed on duty again?

On the hospital end, if the injury is not life-threatening and he's stable post-surgery, how long does a shoulder GSW take to heal? PT requirements? How long do they keep the patient in Post-Op/under observation before he's put in a lower-level care unit or released? What would his follow-up visits look like? (i.e. with his GP, right?)

Thanks a million.
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Determining height and weight?

I'm working on making  detailed bio sheet for several characters, both for my own reference, and for a list of "fun facts" for my readers. My problem seems to be with determining exact height and weight. What makes this question worse is that I'm determining these numbers for characters like dragons and other fantasy-based creatures, so it's hard to use real-life examples to measure against. I can figure out  general height for some of my more human-like characters, but not to the exact inches, and I can't figure weight out for the life of me.

Searching for things like "How to determine Fictional Character Weight" only seems to give me pages telling me I should write down a height and weight, but with no help in actually calculating them. Does anyone have any resources, or even some general rules for figuring out these stats? Any help would be much appreciated.