February 17th, 2011

Slightly out-there 1880s clothing

Time: 1880  place: US, East coast (research: 1880 fashion, 1880 corset, 1880 clothing women, 1880 alternative clothing styles, 1880 aesthetic dress)
Our Heroine (my roleplaying character) is a mad scientist.  She is also the daughter of a very rich man, and thus basically upper-class.  What is the most *practical* clothing she could have worn day-to-day in public without seeming completely absurd?  I'm getting the impression that she'd likely be wearing a long, relatively straight-skirted dress, though she could hopefully manage one of a washable fabric that's wide enough to walk freely.  And I think, especially since she's fairly slim, not wearing a corset wouldn't be completely beyond the pale, though it would seem odd.  (her main practical concerns are the ability to move freely, and the ability to get the odd grease stain out of her clothing...)

Are my vague impressions at all correct?  Anyone have a likely picture to point me at?

Purposefully triggering repressed memories/flashbacks

So I have this character in modern-day America who is trying to trigger her own repressed memories. She's got huge gaps of time missing in her memory from ages 6-8, and wants to specifically recover memories related to an "imaginary friend" who might not be so imaginary. Obviously this is a horror story and so might not have a solid base in reality, but I'm hoping to write her mental state realistically as someone with PTSD from traumatic events that took place during their childhood. She has been diagnosed with mild OCD, clinical depression, and anxiety disorder, and has panic attacks triggered by stressful situations. 

This character is well aware that triggering her memories might be a terrible idea for her mental health, and feels that she has to go ahead with it anyway. She has a vague idea of what happened when she was a child, but can't remember specifics, and doubts her memories.

My question is threefold- first, what would be an effective way of triggering herself? She's decided to do this alone, due to the nature of the memories she's trying to recover, so a psychiatrist isn't an option. Is there a good method that would work?

The second question is, what would the results of a successful trigger be? I'm looking for personal experience if possible, or anecdotes- how vivid might the memories be? Would they come in the form of a flashback or a regular memory? How long would it take to recover from remembering something traumatic?

Terms googled: 
PTSD Childhood trauma
purposefully triggering repressed memories
purposefully triggering flashbacks
recalling repressed memories
(and variations on the above)

I want to stress that I don't have any experience with PTSD myself, and if anything about this scenario strikes anyone as disrespectful, innacurate, or offensive, PLEASE let me know.

Thanks for any help.

Obtaining a marriage license in California in 1910

Hi! I'm working on a book set in the Sacramento Valley in 1910. I have two characters who want to get married by a justice of the peace (they're eloping without their familes' consent.) I'm trying to figure out how the legalities would have worked. From what I can gather, they would have to get a marriage license then go before a judge. For the license, would there have been a waiting period? Would blood tests have been required? Witnesses? And once they had the license, could they just take it to a judge and get married?

If the process differed from place to place (e.g., Sacramento vs. SF), and their intention is to be married quickly with a minimum of fuss, which would be the best office/city for them to go to (assuming they have a car and can drive.)

I've searched for "Marriage Licenses California 1910", have called the Sacramento Historical Society, and have posted the question on the SF Genealogy discussion board (http://www.sfgenealogy.com/). SF Genealogy had some very good information about the age of consent for marriage (see here: http://www.sfgenealogy.com/sf/history/hgoe49.htm) but I can't find anything about the actual process of getting a license & going before a judge.

Any help anyone can provide, or resources you can point me to, would be greatly appreciated!
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translating into Greek, archaic if possible.

I need the following sentence translated into Greek.  Best of all would be if I can get it into classical or archaic Greek.  The specific dialect doesn't matter much:

"Are you the goddess Aphrodite?"

One catch:  I can barely muddle through bits of the Greek alphabet, and I have to assume that my readers are even worse off.  This means I need the Greek transliterated into the English alphabet, so that (for example) the name Ἀφροδίτη is rendered 'Aphrodite'.

Many thanks!