February 13th, 2011

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ANON POST: rare birds in california

I am looking for birds it would be rare (rare enough for a relatively experienced birdwatcher to get very excited about seeing) to see in California in the springtime (early spring).

I have found this website (http://www.virtualbirder.com/vbirder/realbirds/rbas/CA.html) which is useful and there's various articles but my knowledge re: birds is negligible, so I think I need some more help to narrow it down.

I have googled:
birds it would be rare to see in los angeles in spring
rare birds los angeles in spring
rare birds california springtime
rare birds california
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ANON POST: Starbucks Barista Prep Work and Univeristy of Michigan (Ann Arbor)-specific questions

My main character is a sophomore at the University of Michigan. He received a pretty nice scholarship/financial aid package (he's from out of state), but he's also working part-time at a Starbucks near campus. One of his friends/co-workers asks him if he can sub their opening shift at the very last minute (is this realistic/plausible).

I've worked at my school's cafe so I'm familiar with making drinks/preparing sandwiches/paninis/grill items. However, I'm confused by the prep work that goes on at Starbucks. A lot of the food items are packaged (others seem like they only need to be heated up), but are the people who open shop responsible for making those grab-and-go sandwiches? What about the pastries, salads, etc? Is any of the food prepared the night before? I'm having trouble finding detailed instructions on prep work for early morning shifts and my character is working the crack-of-dawn 5 AM opening shift.

Also, aside from a pound of free coffee once a week, are there any good perks for him to justify working there part-time? Since he's a student, he's definitely working less than 20 hrs/week, more like 8-15. I know that means he probably won't qualify for some of the nicer perks like health benefits. Starbucks baristas Insider perspectives would be great, I'm a little rusty on my coffee knowledge.

If anyone's familiar with Ann Arbor and the university campus, suggestions on which Starbucks store would be the plausible would be much appreciated.

I've googled 'Starbucks prep work', 'part-time Starbucks benefits', and variations of those.

Time frame/setting: Fall 2010-ish. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Olympic Village housing

Hello! My question is about housing arrangements in Olympic villages.

My story takes place among athletes staying in the village during the 2016 Rio games. Action will take place within the village, at the sporting venues and the occasional restaurant or store in Rio de Janeiro. Specifically, it involves the interaction between two, possibly three women's teams. I cannot advance with my plot without finding out more about how teams are sorted into dormitories. For example, is it by team, nation, sport? Perhaps it's arbitrary every time?

I have searched with the terms "olympic village dormitory" and plural, "olympic village housing" and "olympic village housing arrangements", "olympic housing sorted by" and a couple of others that are escaping me. I also read two articles about the new construction in Rio and one about the Beijing village that wasn't specific about housing.

Thank you for your help!