February 11th, 2011

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Timeline for applying to Annapolis

Setting/context: United States, 1992
Search terms: applying Annapolis, timeline applying Annapolis, requirements applying Annapolis, how to apply to Annapolis
Information already found: The most useful site I've found so far is (obviously) the USNA website. I've also looked at usnaprep.com, various ehow.com articles, and this comm's military tags.

I have a character who is 17 years old in 1992. He is applying to Annapolis, but he got a bit of a late start and didn't start the process until April of his junior year - is this still doable? My story takes place during his senior year of high school, so I'd like to have an idea of the timeline for applying to Annapolis - what he would have already done and what he would have left to do. I'm looking at the USNA website and I'm confused by some of the dates and the fact that they have "rolling admissions."

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When the story starts at the beginning of his senior year, I'm assuming that he will have already requested nominations from various sources. I need an idea of when the following would take place:
- Interview
- Medical Exam
- Candidate Fitness Assessment
- When/if he would find out that he has been nominated - as in, does the senator/congressman/whomever tell him directly, or does he only find out after the Academy has notified him in January?

I am also confused by when a student becomes an "official candidate"? Is it after he turns in his preliminary application in the spring of junior year, or after he receives a nomination? The website seems to indicate both.

Any extra info/links regarding the application process or requirements are appreciated. I'm aware of the physical and academic requirements, and my character is an excellent candidate - he's a football star, he has a strong academic record especially in math and science, his family has a decorated history in the Navy, and he is currently attending a boarding school that offers military prep courses. If there is something else I need to be aware of please let me know!

Also, all of the info I'm gathering is obviously based on the 2011 application process so any thoughts on how it would have been different in 1992 are welcome. (Obviously there would be no online applications or notifications, but otherwise...?)

Thank you in advance!
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Need Movie Reference of Imprisonment In The Dark


Thank you all for your help previously with an HVAC question last year. I have yet another oddity question that can be answered:

FOR: NCIS fanfic
CHARACTER: a movie trivia buff
SITUATION: imprisoned in the dark. This reminds him of a movie.

My MCs are locked in the dark and are trying to keep a conversation going to pass the time. One of my MC is a movie buff so I thought it might be IC of him to toss out something about what movie their situation reminded him of. It's basically a throwaway reference. Hoping for a few movies to get some banter going as well.

I've tried google and bing using the following search words:
movie buried alive
movie imprisoned in the dark
movie imprisonment
movie confinement in the dark

Warning: I mostly got Ryan Reynolds' Buried 2010 movie, Casino and Shawshank Redemption which are not really fitting in the scene.

Anyone out there with a great movie memory? :) I just need a couple of titles. I'm fairly confident I could find some quirky trivia about them myself but need appropriate titles to start.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

EDIT: I haven't been able to reply to everyone yet but I wanted to acknowledge the responses have been STAGGERING! You guys are awesome! Keep them coming if possible. I have obviously been watching the wrong movies and am taking notes on every title here. Thank you so much!!! (And yes, it's Tony for those who guessed! LOL)

trans (FTM) and genderqueer research

I'm working on a story based on a particular thread from the Mahabharata (wherein a female character is reincarnated, raised in a male-gendered fashion, and finally transformed to physically male), and I could use assistance from any FTM or genderqueer individuals who would be willing to answer some questions on that topic.

Being cis myself, I don't have any first-hand experience of what it's like to feel a disjunct between body and gender identity, nor to live the desired gender identity when it doesn't match one's body. I would be grateful to anyone who is willing to share their experiences, whether in the comment thread or by e-mail (marie -dot- brennan -at- gmail -dot- com). When did you first become consciously aware of that difference? How did you feel about it, and how have your feelings changed over time? Have you taken any transitional steps, and if so, how have they affected you? What reactions have you gotten from people when they discover you're trans? Aside from the more FTM-oriented questions, I'd especially love to hear from anyone who identifies as neither male nor female, as I think that might provide another useful way of thinking about this character. Basically, I'm trying to get a sense of the pyschological aspect, so I can try to do it justice. (The story being fantasy, the modern medical side won't figure into it.)

Alongside that: are there any books, movies, blogs, etc, that you would say do a good job of representing that experience? So far I've had Boys Don't Cry recommended to me, by a MTF friend, but I'd love to have more.

Finally, are there any things you would really, really hope to see a story like this avoid? What pitfalls, bad phrasings, and overused tropes would make you cringe? And is there anything the story could do that would make you very happy to see?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to talk about these matters. I know it's personal, and very open-ended. E-mail is welcome, at the address I gave above, and I promise not to share anything without permission.

Police Procedure: Office calling for ‘standbybackup’?

Police Procedure: Office calling for ‘standby backup’?


Setting: Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, ICU

For: Numb3rs

Character: LAPD Officer/Lieutenant Gary Walker

Situation: Unknown male [former SWAT leader Tim King] standing over ICU patient [FBI Special Agent Colby Granger], disconnecting medical paraphernalia when interrupted by Walker

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Antisocial Personality Disorder in an American teenager in the 1980s-1990s, treatment and diagnosis

Hello all! Sometime lurker, first-time poster, etc. etc.

I've been trying to work out the backstory for an alternate universe (real person fic, bandom, if anyone wants to know) where the main character has some form of Antisocial Personality Disorder. Let's call him Henry.

Research done: I've read a bit more than a hundred entries back on this very community's psychiatry tag, asked a friend who's had to do similar research for fiction of her own, and looked up antisocial personality disorder, sociopathy, and psychopathy on Wikipedia. In addition I've used some of the resources here, like the GAF scale. The plot points I"ve figured out so far and elements of his worldview are based on this research.

At the point that I need to figure for, it's 1989 and we're in the US, Montana to be specific; he's 15 years old and, after a history of minor crimes (shoplifting, threatening classmates and teachers; he collects knives), has injured a girl in his school, apparently having tried to kill her, after she teased him about the way he talks.

That's the vaguest part of this, what it is that brings law/medical attention down on him (since he's previously been dismissed as just being a very strange kid, and his parents overlook a lot because they don't want to see it and because he's extremely bright, which they considered to be a kind of consolation) -- I was previously thinking he'd try to burn down his school, but that seems more difficult, what with the acquisition of materials and all.

The important thing is that he ends up in some kind of juvenile detention facility or psychiatric hospital, against his will, until the age of about eighteen (1992).

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Most of the story takes place while he's between the ages of 26 and 36, by which time he's gotten somewhat better at at least blending in a bit, and eventually acquires five sort-of friends (in real life, the rest of his band and his then-girlfriend) who as concepts help ground him. But since I want to be able to reference backstory at least a bit, and write one chapter in a fic having to do with his interpretation of the events surrounding his hospitalisation (mostly to highlight the way he believes nothing involved was truly his fault).

As an adult he works essentially as a mercenary, after having lost an equally dubiously legal job after having been framed for the murder of a coworker, with four of the people mentioned above; they use being a band, to some degree, as cover.

I'm sorry if any of this was unclear; I was trying to proportion as much information as I could in case it would help or something you-all said gave me ideas.

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Note to mod(s): I wasn't sure how/what to tag; I hope these do.

Sorry for the huge post, and thank you!