February 5th, 2011

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Tattoo Texture Question

Setting: Modern-equivalent.

Research Summary: Googling and Yahooing, mostly, using searches such as 'tattoo texture' and 'tattoo feel'; these continuously throw the feel of getting the tattoo, or offers advice on scarification, which is not what I'm trying for.

Desired information: What does a tattoo feel like once it's /healed/? Does the skin over the tattoo feel different from the skin around it, either to fingertips or the skin of the tattoo itself? Does the area ever feel tight or stretched when moving during normal activities? Is there any loss or gain of sensitivity to touch at the area itself? Location: Upper arm, if relevant.

Needed for of all things just a throwaway line in a throwaway story. Character in question is highly detail oriented. Tattoo age is five to ten years.

Edit: Edited for ... subject which .. I thought I had posted but didn't, and a tag.

Edit 2: Thank you very much for your help, everyone. :D
tw: there are no mistakes

Runaway minor in the US found after he turns eighteen

Setting: US, could be Washington, Massachusetts or New York
Time: Around 2005/2006
Searched: missing minors, runaways, turning eight after missing persons

A seventeen-year-old boy disappears (presumed abducted) and his parents file a missing persons. He is never found. No activity on his bank accounts, credit cards, etc. In actual fact he has run away. After he turns eighteen, can he resume using his identity without the police reporting it to his parents?

Additionally, if he has somehow found his way out of the US before he turned eighteen, and resumes using his ID in England (he has a duel passport so staying in the UK/EU long term doesn’t pose a legal problem) does this have any impact on the police discovering him/reporting it?

Obviously his former finances would have been held by his parents as he was a minor so these won’t be used.

Basically I’m happy for the police to know he’s alive and confront him but is it his choice (as a now legal adult) to have his parents left completely in the dark about his status – or will the police tell them he’s alive/they’re closing the missing persons case but give no details of his location? Are they in fact obligated to tell (or, as the case may be, not tell) the parents?

Thank you in advance for any help. I realize this is a somewhat convoluted and unlikely scenario but I would like to keep it as accurate as possible.