January 22nd, 2011

Kris Allen

Don't run when you are bleeding?

First of all, please excuse my English if I made any mistakes :)

I vaguely remember reading something like "if you are bleeding, don't run, because the heart would pump faster and you would lose more blood."

Is this correct? I'm writing a modern day story about a guy cutting his arm (non-critical condition) and I've pretty much decided to make him "walk fast" to the clinic instead of "run to the clinic", but I just wanted to double-check to make sure.

Thank you!

Googled: move bleeding -brake -period first aid, don't run when you are bleeding -brake -period first aid, don't run when you are bleeding -brake -period, running while bleeding -brake
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ANON POST: Lithuanian-Italian Counterpart Fund

I need to know about the Lithuanian-Italian Counterpart Fund and Google isn't coughing up.

I know what a counterpart fund in general is (there's a lovely helpful Wikipedia page on that, which I read), but according to the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign affairs (http://www.urm.lt/index.php?-1802927651), there is or was such a thing as the Lithuanian-Italian Counterpart fund, and some agreement about it was made on February 8, 1993. Does anyone know any more about this? Specifically, I'm looking for information on the amount of money involved, on the general public reaction in the two countries, and in the details of the agreement process (was it signed in Rome or Vilnius, who was there, that kind of thing).

Setting: The story takes place in both Italy and Lithuania - there are very brief sections about earlier periods but the lion's share is set between 1990 and now.

I used Wikipedia for the definition of "counterpart fund" and I looked up their section on Italian-Lithuanian foreign relations but it didn't have anything but the list to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website that I linked above. I also googled "Lithuanian-Italian counterpart fund," "counterpart fund Lithuania," "counterpart fund Italy," - I turned up a bunch of stuff about the Marshall Plan but that's not what I'm after. The one helpful thing I found with Google was that apparently Lithuania used the money from this fund to help with UV detection. I also did a JSTOR search and didn't find anything - but if anyone knows something, I have access to that and most other academic-type resources through my school.

Thanks to anyone who can help!