January 19th, 2011


Nicknames for guns and running in high heels

 I've got two questions that are related, despite what it looks like on the surface.

I've got a character who's a female FBI agent and who carries a .45 ACP caliber Springfield Armory Custom TRP. My question is, are there any nicknames for that weapon? For example, one of the possible weapons used to kill one of Gibbs' team in NCIS was called a 'Kate', same as the dead woman's name.

Searches: .45 ACP caliber Springfield Armory Custom TRP, gun nicknames, 

Second, my FBI agent is a bit of a girly girl, likes to dress up. Which brings me to my next question- are there any designers that make high heels (say, between 2" and 4") that are relatively comfortable to run in? I'm not US American and can't wear heels, so have no first hand experience. I did some Googling and came up with Cole Haan and Easy Spirit, but I just wanted to conform that 'comfortable heels' means shoes you can run in, not just ones that don't kill your feet. :D

Searches: comfortable high heels, high heels running.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: OK, I have been summarily schooled on the impracticality of high heels for my FBI agent. She'll just have to save them for court. Thanks, everyone! 

Dialect check: Canadian Maritimes

I’m writing a story where the viewpoint character is an Acadian from Nova Scotia, and I want to make sure his English vocabulary is appropriate for that background. In particular, I would like to have the appropriate terms in that dialect for:

  • backpack (esp. the kind that an infantry soldier would carry)
  • prison
  • to break out of prison
  • Tsuga canadensis (Eastern or Canadian hemlock)
  • wild shrubbery or scrub, generically (the setting is a valley in rural Maine)
  • Viburnum lantanoides (hobblebush or witch-hobble or moosewood, a shrub that grows in eastern North America)
  • Oxalis montana (wood sorrel)

Resources consulted: Wikipedia s.v. Canadian Maritime English; Carelton County Colloquialisms; the “Canadian Slang and English Words” page on CKA.