January 18th, 2011


Awareness of coming world war II in 1930s England?

 Setting: England, 1934/35  
In a projected fanfic, I have two sixteen year olds - a boy and a girl - discussing what they imagine their adult lives will be like. Both are middle class; the boy's father is a Captain in the Royal Navy, the girl's uncle is a seasoned traveller. I'm giving this information since it seems to make them likely to be among the first to know about an upcoming war. 
My questions are:  
1. In 1934, would there be any awareness of a coming war, at any level of society? In fact, was WWII thought to be coming at all?  
2. If not, when would be the earliest year such an awareness would exist?  
3. Assuming adults did believe the war was going to happen, would they discuss it with children and teenagers, or would it be more of a hush-hush, not talked about in front of them situation? (I realise this would vary from one person to another, but  I'm interested in what the prevailing reaction would be).  
4. Summing it up, how likely is it that these two characters would be able to consider, even in a vague way, the possible influence of the war on their futures?  
Search terms googled:  
pre world war two British society  
post world war one British society  
1930s British society  
1930s British society awareness of world war 2  
1934 British society  
I couldn't find anything that really answered my questions, and most material focussed more on post WWII society. 

Thank you for any help!
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Suggestions for Cultural Touchstones

I would love some suggestions for a story that I'm plotting. This is a near future setting where the protagonist is a history student. For the setup of the story, I need her to research a historical figure or place that an entire society uses as an identity touchstone. This needs to be a situation where if she can disprove a cultural assumption it would cause a fundamental shift in the culture that she's studying.

The cultural myth can be anything from a historical figure to an entire place. It needs to be something that could be potentially earth shattering for that culture, but virtually meaningless to her as an outsider. Something on the magnitude of having a college girl in Kiev Moscow discovering that George Washington was secretly a spy for the British during the Revolutionary War.

Procedure for reported child sexual abuse

HI.  I have a story set in the present day beginning in LA, California.  The character is currently a 17 year old boy who has ended up in the hospital in LA.  He ran away from home in Oklahoma two years ago after being sexually abused by his wrestling coach from the ages of 9 to 15. 

His mother had reported him missing with the police on Oklahoma and she comes to LA where the character admits the abuse.  The question is what procedure would agencies such as the police and social services use concerning the abuse?  Particularly when they return to Oklahoma

I have researched that the statue of limitations on the abuse will not run out until two years after the character turns eighteen.  Will the police or social services in LA contact the agencies in Oklahoma?  How quickly would an agency visit the character and his single mother?  Which agency would take the lead?  How likely is it that any arrest or trial would take place considering that it's been two years since the abuse and there is really no evidence?  How would they treat him as he's now a teenager (all of what I've found on google has focused on interviewing children)?  Would the police want to talk to him before he saw a therapist?  Would the police take his statement outside his home?

Also the abuser has been abusing another child in the two years since the character ran away.  I'm assuming that the police investigation would turn that up and would focus there instead of on the character who ran away. 

I googled "police procedure for child sexual abuse", "Oklahoma procedure for child sexual abuse", "procedure for teenager who has been sexually abused as a child".  These pages have been useful so far http://www.childwelfare.gov/systemwide/laws_policies/state/index.cfm?event=stateStatutes.processSearch  and

http://www.ok.gov/health/documents/School%20Reporting%20Manual%2007.pdf   and