January 13th, 2011

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Subpoened phone records

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My question: When the police subpoena phone records (landline, in this case) of a suspect in a crime, besides the numbers of the people he's called, will their names also appear with the numbers? I haven't had any luck finding this out, and it will make a difference in how I write a scene.

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Jumping (and surviving)

Hi everyone,
I need some help. I have my main character (male, late 30s, athletic)who is going to attempt suicide jumping from a scaffolding. Now I've read extensively about jumping from heights and the 'medical' results of it, so to say, but it seems to me that when people do survive, which is not often,they nevertheless report life altering injuries in most cases; now I need for my character to just attempt suicide and survive because that's almost the beginning of the story, and him jumping is pretty functional to it all, so I cannot have it another way. So, what do you suggest? would it be reasonable if he just got an subdural hematoma and some fractured bones? thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to help!