January 11th, 2011

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Japaneese Pharmacies and Shoulder Injuries.

Setting: Japan, about five-six years ago.
Research: Japanese Pharmacy, Japanese Pharmacy Practice, AC shoulder injury, AC injury wikipedia.

I'm writing a story where a boy (fifteen-ish) damages his shoulder. I decided to make it an AC shoulder injury, grade one. Basically, his AC joint is badly sprained, but not yet torn. At the moment his symptoms are mostly swelling and pain when moving. Thinking it isn't serious, he leaves it until a friend who knows a bit about sports related injuries starts to pester him to phone the doctor.

He books an appointment for the next day (he has plans that clash with the available appointments) and decides to go to the pharmacist to try and appease the friend. The workers at the pharmacy he goes to are pretty good at their job, but he will be downplaying his injury. I don't intend for the pharmacy visit to be much help, but I do want them to do their best with the information they are given and what they are allowed to do.

So, the questions would be:
1: Is there anything that an AC shoulder injury can be mistaken for? I seem to remember the site I linked to earlier saying you can mistake it for a collar bone injury of some sort, but I can't find it.
2: When the boy does go to the pharmacy, how are the people there likely to react, just based on the symptoms? More specifically, is there anything that they'd suggest? Would they ask to examine his shoulder?

I'm okay with info on how a pharmacist would act anywhere for the most part, since I'm not in a situation where I can ask one for info.

Police procedure re:stalking, with connection to murder case?

I've got a story set in modern-day Arizona, specifically Tucson, which involves my MC, a 20 year old woman, being a possible stalking victim. I've done a lot of research on how police would react to her (relatively mild) stalker, so I'm good on that.
Where I need help is this: My MC's roomate was recently murdered in a different state. The stalker, while showing no direct connection to the murder case, is still a bit too much of a coincidence given the timing. My question is, would police procedure in response to the stalking change significantly?  Would there be more substantial police protection, or even an attempt to arrest the suspect in connection to the murder case, or would they treat it like an unrelated incident? For the record, the stalker has talked to the MC a few times and the murdered roomate has never come up, so there's no hard evidence for a connection.

Search terms: Stalking police procedure, stalking procedure murder, murder suspect stalking

(sorry there aren't more search terms, I couldn't think of a good way to put it into a few words)

Sugar Ridge, Ohio

I am writing a story in which the main character ends up on a farm in the rural south of the United States. Being from Europe, I know very little of what the best places to set this story are, and I know very little of what the different places look like and such beyond what Google maps provides me with. Picking a random-ish place (I just got a new teacher from Bowling Green, Ohio) the little yellow Google maps man and I ended up in Sugar Ridge, Ohio.

My question is if anyone here can tell me anything about Sugar Ridge. There is almost no information available about Sugar Ridge, so what I would like to know is what kind of farms are there (for example are there ranches or is the farming aimed mostly at like, corn or something), and if anyone on here is or knows someone from Sugar Ridge? What is life like there?

Looking at the map I noticed there are a lot of "lakes" that look man-made, what's the purpose of those?
Also, I didn't see anything that would qualify as a town-center, so would people from Sugar Ridge have to travel far for schools and groceries? Hospitals?

Then, if it turns out that Sugar Ridge is not the kind of place I'm looking to set my story in, what would you recommend me based on the facts that it has to be in the rural south, and preferably a place that has horse ranches.

As I said, my own searching didn't turn out to be very useful, and I would love it if anyone could give me some information. Thank you in advance!

ETA: Oops, I kind of knew Ohio wasn't considered South... I was just thinking about rural South and then looked on the map, came across Ohio and totally forgot about everything. Like I said, I know very little about the US and life in the US and such besides what I hear on the news and such /o\