January 9th, 2011


Nepotism - Airforce/Army etc. - Husband/Wife


this is a hypothetical armed forces, hwoever the ground rules should be as close to current general practice in the UK, the NATO and in the USA as possible.

Are there any anti-nepotism/favouritism/corruption laws in place which deal with husbands and wives?

What I mean in detail is: husband is the upper end of the chain of command in a set branch of the Forces. He is the direct commanding officer of his fiancee and the fiancee is in his chain of command, but quite a few ranks under him (think general and major).

What would usually happen if they got married? Would the wife have to work under someone else (possibly at a different base)? Or would she be told, in case she wanted to stay on place, to quit service?

How are such marriages handled? I researched double-service marriages, but found none where the husband is the direct commanding officer of the wife (or vice versa), so I am beginning to suspect that there is a ban on this in effect somehow. I found mention of father + son being refused.

Research/search terms:

double-service marriage + nepotism
USAF +nepotism +wife
army   +nepotism +wife
USAF +nepotism +marriage

How big is lotus fruit?

I'm trying to find out the general size of the fruit of an Egyptian lotus. I've been primarily looking through google, and that's found me some really good pictures of lotus fruit, but not a description of size. This site describes the blossom as being twice the size of a poppy, but there's a lot of different sizes of poppy...

I've looked using "lotus fruit"" "nymphaea lotus fruit" "nymphaea lotus" "egyptian lotus fruit "egyptian lotus fruit size"

Also, something I'm not entirely clear on- looking at this particularly nice photo, is the yellow-green lacy part around the seeds the fruit, or are the seeds and the fruit the same thing and that's just an inedible pod?

And finally, do both the white lotus and the blue lotus bare fruit?