January 4th, 2011

Gentle Rose

Good Resource Post

I don't know if this has been linked to before (especially considering this post actually has a link back here to little_details), but it has a lot of links and is a very good resources overall, so I figured I'd rec it.

The main post is here at Ye Olde Resource Post.

It has multiple links on writing in general - grammar and punctuation (18 links) to style and tips (15 links, plus a link back here). There are resources on Britishisms (language and culture, 40 links, plus links to two comms on the subject). There's medieval history, with an emphasis on Arthurian legend (20 links, 6 of them Wikipedia), but also multiple non-Arthurian medieval references (15 links), and even a few links on canon for the BBC Merlin fandom (only 5 links, though, so still incredibly useful and relevant for non-Merlin writers).

There is an additional resource post, an extension of the previous one (and as such a link to it can be found at the bottom of the previous on) - Ye Olde Resource Post - Adult Content Section NSFW NC-17.

In includes a history of homosexuality (4 links, mostly about medieval Europe), British swearing (2 links), resources for kinks (4 links), and of course multiple links on sex (15 links, about 7 of them slash/gay-male concentrated).

All in all, it seemed worth reccing, at over 100+ links (133 in general, plus five more specific to the Merlin fandom). :D Hope you find it as helpful as I have!
  • ac_123

Landscape of and small towns in northern/central Texas

Previously searched: image search for "north texas", "maps of north texas", "road maps of texas"

I'm writing a story that takes place in north Texas (one of the characters is traveling south from Oklahoma on Route 44), near the border of Oklahoma. I have an image for the landscape, but I don't know what the northern Texas landscape looks like. All previous attempts for picture searches turned up logos for the school and a few maps of the county lines.

Also, the character who is traveling south is going to visit her aunt, who lives like a hermit outside of a small town in north central Texas. Does anyone know of any small towns (ideally with a population no larger than 5,000) in that general area?

Thank you very much. :)