January 1st, 2011

  • replica

pennsylvania child abuse records and confidentiality laws

What I've done: gone through the general psychology/psychiatry tag in this community, googled pennsylvania/child protective services, pennsylvania mental health confidentiality laws, confidentiality laws, few other terms I can't remember darnit

also browsed the PA government site (specifically the department of public welfare, which didn't seem to have much other than "call this number to report abuse"?), and browsed the lancaster county website (half of which seems to be missing)

I did find this article while googling, which answered some of my general questions, but it's for Texas and I'm not sure how much that might differ from Pennsylvania.

Okay, I've got some questions that need some answers, but I'm not entirely sure of the full question.

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Thanks for all the help! It's much appreciated and sets my mind at ease knowing I wasn't completely off the mark in some things :D