December 28th, 2010


Tongue partially bitten off - treatment and aftereffects

Okay, this question has to do with someone biting off a chunk of another person's tongue.

I've tried the following terms: Tongue tip removal, bite part of tongue off heal time, tongue heal time, partial tongue removal, tongue injury, partial tongue removal after effects. I think there was a few more that I tried, but I can't remember the phrasing used. Anyhow, while I have gotten some good information, it has mostly been for voluntary surgical removal of part of the tongue.

So, I have the following questions concerning a man whose tongue was partly bitten off. I'd say the amount of tongue bitten off was the end inch, possibly a bit shorter than that. They might still have the chunk of tongue around, since it was spat out by the person who did the biting. Now, my questions.

1.)How would the hospital treat him?
2.)How long would it take for his tongue to heal?
3.)How would this affect his speaking ability, both during the time it's healing and afterwards? I'm particularly interested in this part, as the character is particularly charismatic.
4.) Are there any other notable side effects of the injury?

This community has been very, very helpful in the past, so I'm hoping you'll have an answer to this.
plot batman

Deputizing Civilians

Googled: deputization; deputizing civillians

Setting: Present-Day USA

I'm writing a Batman fanfiction that's become a bit epic in scope. (I'm on the third installment in an AU.) Some quick background: in this AU, Batman was arrested, unmasked, packed off to Arkham and spent two years there before being released. There are other details that make his remaining in custody plausible, but they're not germane to the task at hand.

Currently, he's been remanded to the Gotham City Mental Health Dept. as an outpatient and it's been made clear that if he's caught engaging in any vigilante activity, he will be returned to inpatient status.

So. Suppose a scenario were to arise where the police need his help? I realize that it would be irregular, but is there any strictly legal reason why the police commissioner couldn't deputize him for the duration of the emergency?

At the end of the day, I know that DC canon involves a certain amount of handwaving, and if I have to, I can do the same. I'm just trying to figure out the rules before I start breaking them.

Can a twin completely forget about his other twin?

Setting: present time

Searched terms: trauma induced amnesia (I'm not quite satisfied with the articles I've read about it), amnesia, and blocked out memory.

I'm wondering if a twin can forget his other twin completely yet still remembers everything else. The twins I'm writing about are pretty close, by the way. Is it really possible to forget just one person?