December 20th, 2010

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Travel to Calabria from London

Time: Modern 
What: Travel hours from London, UK to Calabria, Italy 

I have this character who is staying at the Ritz (yeah, he's kind of loaded) when he receives a call from a girl (he loves). Upon receiving the call, he immediately set of to find her. She's in Calabria, Italy at that time. Let's just say that he has his own private jet (he is also a pilot)  and can depart anytime. Now my questions are:

1. How fast can he reach her? (In terms of hours)  
2. What airport can he land the plane? (The closest I can get is in Naples) 
3. What can he ride in order to travel to Calabria from the airport? 

I tried searching in google but I can't seem to find the answers. If anyone can help me... please... 

Whose job is it to string skeletons together? + morgue procedure

1.Google has not helped me with this one. I keep getting references to "Bones", and little else. Basically, my question is--is there a specific job designated to take casts of human skeletons and string the bones together for medical study? What's it called? I did find many links to buy casts of human skeletons, so clearly people do it, but I can't find out what they're called, or if it's just normal doctors who...dabble?

2. I have a character who is a doctor at a large hospital somewhere in America (place is flexible.) A friend of hers is killed in a car accident, and his body is brought to her hospital, and when he dies, his body is brought to the hospital morgue. How hard would it be for her to gain access to the morgue, and view his remains? And possibly touch them, or ideally, remove a small part of the body, like a small bone? I'm assuming a pretty mangled corpse. She's not family, and she's not his girlfriend. I'm assuming this would be very very illegal even without touching/tampering with the body, but as a doctor in the hospital, how hard would it be for her to get away with it? I have a sneaking suspicion that messing with corpses in hospital morgues is not as easy as they make it look on Sherlock. I'm not entirely positive what she's a doctor of, so that can be flexible as well.

Thanks so much in advance, guys.

Googled: who strings human skeletons together, skeleton casts, who takes casts of human skeletons, medical skeleton artists, etc.
Also: morgue procedure, access to morgue, view body in morgue, what happens if corpses are tampered with, etc.