December 17th, 2010

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Mandatory reporting law question

 Okay, I admit I haven't googled this because I'm not quite sure how to google the specifics, though I did ask a psychologist friend, and he wasn't 100% sure, so I'm going with a 'poll the audience' option.

This is for a roleplaying game I'm setting up.

It's based in Indiana (Evansville area if you need it to be that specific), in a residential home for pregnant teenagers.  In Indiana law, the age of consent is 16. If an 18 to 20 year old performs sexual intercourse or other sexual conduct on or with a minor between between 14 and 16 s/he is committing a Class C felony (it appears to be a Class B felony to have sexual contact with a 13 year old, though please correct me if that, or any of the previous, is wrong!).

If a staff member who happens to be a mandatory reporter (e.g. doctor/nurse/therapist) learns of a sexual relationship involving a minor and an 18 or 19 year old, do they have to report it?

Or does it depend on the circumstances?  If it's dependent on circumstances, could you please give me examples of times when it would and would not be reported?

I have no problem with it being handled entirely internally, or with having to "refer things out", I just want it to be relatively accurate.

Thanking you in advance!

PS:  Feel free to edit/fix my tags :)  as needed
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Suicide hotline operator accidentally meeting a caller

A volunteer (not a psychiatrist or anything) for a suicide hotline meets, by utter coincidence, someone who called in and whom he subsequently talked down – both of them realize who the other is due to some phraseology & vocal mannerisms I haven’t quite worked out yet. 

I know that most hotlines run with confidentiality & that interfering/arranging to meet a caller is not okay, but I was wondering if there are any formal protocols/precedent for such an incident.  Like is the volunteer obliged to pretend they’ve never met?  Should the volunteer try to limit contact?  Does everything just explode? 

Much thanks in advance; sorry if I’ve missed anything obvious (long time listener first time caller etc.) 

Setting is on a college campus, roughly present time, implied to be Illinois (but it’s not particularly important.) 

Search terms used: permutations of (‘confidentiality’ ‘contract’ ‘guidelines’ ‘protocol’) & (‘suicide hotline’ ‘hotline’).  Have read a (very interesting but ultimately unhelpful) handful of articles & blogs on confidentiality and staffing experiences & gone through tags, including this article on confidentiality (links to google quickview), the volunteer contract here, this fascinating but triggery bit on procedure/problems, a basic script, etc (those were just most helpful, might help someone else rifling through tags like goodness knows I do.)