December 15th, 2010


approximate date of traditional song

EDIT: Sorted, thank you!
I'd like to know if it's possible for my characters, who are in an Irish saloon in Hell's Kitchen in 1898, to hear the song "Galway Races." It's a "traditional" reel - but I can't determine how far back the tradition goes. I've looked at a few different versions of it, and the topical references don't help much, since the term "Fenian" has different meanings and goes back to the eighteen-eighties at least - and thruppence may have been the standard price for a big crubeen for generations *laughing*
I've searched wikipedia, and searched traditional music sites, but mostly I'm getting dates of particular performances, recordings, etc. I'm not finding even a ballpark date for when it might have been composed, which is really all I need.

Hoop snake variant, possibly witch- or vampire-related?

I remember reading a summary of a legend about a snake-like mythological creature similar to a hoop snake or ouroboros which would sometimes feed by suckling the breasts of a young mother. The snake-thing would put its tail into the mouth of the woman's infant so that she wouldn't notice its crying. Thus, the snake drinks milk and the baby starves. It's similar to the milk snake legend about drinking milk from cows, but this specific creature is cited as intelligent and preying on humans.

I have a vague idea that this creature is related either to witches or vampires, but I'm not entirely certain, and I could be wrong about it being a hoop snake variant. I've read a lot of material about cryptids and mythological creatures, so I could be mixing things up.

Basically, I'm trying to find a name and a more detailed account of the milk-drinking snake-creature.

Various searches have mostly turned up information about normal milk snakes, which isn't helpful. If someone can give me a name for this creature or at least point out which country/culture the legend likely came from, I would appreciate it.