December 14th, 2010


Hockey Injury Plausible?/College Sports Scouting

Suburban Illinois, near Chicago. Present day.

I tried searching for the sports scouting with using "how do you get scouted for hockey college" and "college hockey scouting" but neither of them came up with many answers for my particular question. And the hockey injury is sort of unique so I tried to search for "hockey injury head cut" but that lead to the infamous hockey throat slash and many ways of how to prevent head injuries in hockey.

My character is a senior in high school and is torn between two colleges. He's been accepted to one school that's pretty good academically but pricey and he's been offered to sign with another school for a (maybe) full-ride scholarship to play Hockey for them.

I've been trying to research how to get scouted mostly through Yahoo! Answers because that's really all that's out there but obviously I take all of that with a grain of salt. My character, Character A, is best friends with Character B. B is basically banking his college acceptance on hockey, so he asks a lot of scouts to come and see him. Just because B invited the scout, does that mean that they wouldn't see/pay attention Character A at all and ask him to sign (or whatever the technical term is)? Or would there be a possibility that they would ask him if he would like to sign too even though he didn't personally ask them to come?

My next question is that Character A basically has to get some sort of injury that makes him unable to play hockey during his senior year. In the end, he's going to choose to go to the academic school because he decides that hockey isn't worth it. I was hoping this to be something more than he just breaks his leg or something, preferably nearly life threatening.

What I was thinking (I have very little knowledge of hockey in general so bear with me) is that he's been playing since he was young so he figures that when he's goofing off with his friends he knows what to wear regarding protection and stuff. Because of this assumption, he ends up not wearing anything and so in a trip or slip or something, his head gets cut open by a skate blade or something. I was hoping maybe this could be deep enough for skull cracking open or something. Because of that, then the doctor would say that hockey, what with the falling/smashed against walls/etc, would be out for at least the rest of the year.

Not sure if that's at all plausible. I mostly just want this experience to be something that traumatizes him into giving up hockey completely.


Edit: I know that helmets are required for almost all levels of hockey. I forgot to mention then that the incident would probably happen while him and his friends are playing in the park, one with an unwatched arena.