December 10th, 2010

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Where did yuppies live in 1980 in Chicago?

This is one of those questions that need personal recollections and/or opinions, and therefore is difficult to research. Any help is greatly appreciated.

The character is recent college graduate with a business degree, 21 years old in 1980, and with an "upwardly mobile" new job at Standard Oil. She wants to move into an area that's being gentrified but isn't too dangerous. Would Lincoln Park work? If not, where would she want to live?

Research done so far: Google and Google Scholar and JSTOR searches for variations on "chicago (gentrification OR 'urban renewal') 1980" which gave me more info than I ever wanted about race relations and transportation issues, questioning Chicago-located friends (none of which lived in the city way back in 1980), and postings on various Chicago forums.
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English shcools & Burmingham.

Setting: present day Birmingham, England.

Research: For Birmingham I've read the wiki page, but soon realised most of my questions were the kind which were more personal experiences than facts.
For the English schooling system I've browsed the previous questions and answers in this community but I have had a hard time piecing some things together and there are some specific questions which I could not find answers to.

Okay, I'll start with my questions on Birmingham.

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And on English schools. I'm talking public schools in the English sense of the word. A comfortable but not rich kind of bracket. In the Birmingham area.

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I'll probably have more questions later, after I do some more thinking and reading. Thankyou in advance for all your answers.

ETA: I was away for a few days, but now I'm back and everyone's answers have been so helpful. Thankyou all so much. I'm going to work on replying now. :D

With reference to folklore/mythology, how to prolong your life/gain immortality?

Setting: Generic fantasy land

Searched terms: Various combinations of mythlogy, folklore, Norse, Celtic, Gaelic, Saxon, fae, fairy, prolong life, extend lifespan, immortality, gaining immortality, etc. I really can’t think of what else I could search.

I did find some stuff about apples in Celtic mythology sometimes being a means to immortality, but it didn’t exactly fit with my generic fantasy world and what I had in mind.

Basically, it’s a bit Harry Potter-y, but I have this fantasy land filled with weird creatures like fae and the aes sidhe, and there is one character who is terrified of dying. As a result, she searches for a way to prolong her life. I don’t want to make something up out of nothing, so I’d really like to find an existing legend and then adapt it.

So yeah, I’m looking for a European legend/myth/bit of folklore about how someone can prolong their life and/or gain immortality. If it could be based on something originally from the UK, that’d be awesome, but I don’t think I can afford to be that specific. And also, having a drawback would be great too (like JK’s unicorn blood cursing people to live ‘half-lives’), but really not required.

Thanks in advance!