December 5th, 2010

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ANON POST: Circuses behind the Iron Curtain, 1960-1965

Okay, so this one might be tough.

I'm currently in the process of figuring out how a minor character in a story I'm working on defected from either the Soviet Union or an Eastern Bloc nation somewhere between 1960-1965.

There are other directions I could go in, but I'm tentatively interested in linking his (relative) ease of defection to employment in a circus. As such, I'd really like to know more about the touring range of the Moscow State Circus, how performers and non-performers would have obtained jobs with them, and what, if any, other circuses within the Eastern Bloc might have been able to tour internationally (even within the Eastern Bloc).

I hit Wikipedia up for it's article on the Moscow State Circus, and googled that as well as "circus history", "soviet circuses", circuses+Eastern Bloc, among others I'm already forgetting. Nearly anything anyone has to say on this subject will be fascinating to me, I promise. Book or film recommendations would be similarly wonderful.

Thanks in advance if you can help.