December 1st, 2010


Writing something set in Australia from 1956 onwards, and they watch television?

It's not complete, but the history of Australian Television has just put a whole heap of listings on the net. For instance, if my bank-robbing long-haired hippie type wanted to claim an alibi on the night of Monday 28th June 1971, he could have stated that he had been watching the last episode of the game show "Pick a Box".

Fixation on the dead and health implications

I'm writing a story/script about a teenage girl who's recently lost her father. Her way of coping is to think "what would dad say" "what would dad do?" "would dad let this happen?" "would he approve?" and spends time imagining his responses.
My question is, would this attitude ultimately be a symptom of a mental disorder or could this character be considered "normal"? And if it was a mental disorder, would it greatly affect her life and/or the people around her, or could she trudge on without people noticing?
*note: these aren't hallucinations, she knows very well she's messing with her vivid imagination and memories

I searched for: "person fixated on dead person" "person fixated on memories" "person fixated on grief" "grief" "traumatic grief"

It seems like she could have traumatic grief, but as it's not classified as a mental disorder, is there anything she could actually be diagnosed with? And if so, medication she might take?

Thanks so much in advance!

Edit: Wow, thank you all! This is really helpful :)