November 28th, 2010


Church of England Ordination Process circa 1940

What I have already tried: Google Search keywords- Ordination in the church of England (more search suggestions appreciated); search at this community and hp_britglish

Setting: Ridley Hall, Cambridge, circa 1947 unless those wiser than me think somewhere else would be a better fit.

Background: I am writing a Chronicles of Narnia Fan fiction and am working on the background of a friend that Peter Pevensie makes at school

My questions:

  1. The character is about 22 and could be considered from a wealthy family. Would it be believable for him to be a mildly wounded veteran who was sent home and then went to study at Ridley Hall?

  2. Is the ordination process mentioned here the same as it was in the late 1940's?

  3. How would it be referred to in conversation that one was studying to theology or working towards ordination. Example In America currently we would say, "I'm in Seminary"

  4. Lastly, if anyone has good resources to recommend on the topic, I would appreciate that too.

    Thanks in advance.