November 26th, 2010

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Sprained Wrist?

Silly little question, I am sure, but about how long is a standard sprained wrist braced?

I have googled “sprained wrist,” “sprained wrist treatment,” “treatment of sprained wrists,” and “severe sprains” but keep getting the standard RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) answer as well as the occasional need to cast and (in extreme circumstances) for surgery with physical therapy after, but none of the sites I have found list the duration of the splinting/bracing or even casting.

I am guessing the answer will vary slightly depending on the severity of the sprain, but would like at least a rough estimate to make the situation in the story seem plausible (sixteen year old fell off bike, has limited activities for the beginning of summer due to injury).

Thank you all very much in advance!
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ANON POST: Lutheran prayers in 19th century Germany

My MC is a young man living in a small town in 19th century Germany. I
don't think his religious upbringing (Lutheran) was particularly intense,
probably fairly perfunctory, but I'm curious as to what prayers he
might/most likely would be familiar with from growing up, apart from the
standard Lord's Prayer. (Mealtime prayers, prayers before bed, prayers
specifically for children, etc.) Does anybody have any ideas? I'm looking
for something that's comforting because it's familiar, not necessarily
due to actual content.

Terms Googled: "Lutheranism in Germany", "history of Lutheranism in
Germany", "prayers Germany" "prayers Lutheran" + variants on 19th centur

Can dolphins follow a ship across the Pacific?

Setting: 1944, from San Francisco to Papua New Guinea

I've always heard of the stories of dolphins following ships even from ancient times. But they don't actually follow a ship all the way across a sea, do they? Or across an ocean? Let alone the Pacific Ocean?

I have a troop ship heading for Papua New Guinea embarking from San Francisco. Some time early on in the voyage I imagined a couple of dolphins appearing and following along the ship, long enough that one of the men on board could joke that they're his pets. I'd like to know if this is plausible.

Searched: "legend dolphins ships", "dolphins following ships", "dolphins across ocean"
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melanoma itching

I've googled "melanoma symptoms" and "melanoma itch" and gone to some medical sites (Medline Plus, the CDC, MayoClinic), but only got general information.

My character is an Asian woman in her 20's with a cancerous mole, and I need specifics. How often and how bad is a cancerous mole itch - several times a day, once a day, just once, relentlessly? Is the itch slight or the kind that makes you want to rip off your skin just to make it stop? When does it start itching? Does it tend to get bigger or start looking abnormal first before it starts itching?
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Kissing in 1880s European theatre

I'm writing a novel set in early 1880s in Finland, with a touring theatre troupe from Germany visiting a small regional town. I've been trying to find out whether, when there is a love story in a play, there would be any kissing between the actors on stage. I've searched with various combinations of stage/theatre and kiss/kissing, sometimes adding "history" or "19th century", also in German. I've mostly found nothing useful, but the few mentions I came up with suggest that at least it wasn't common around then and would still have been regarded as scandalous in most places. I understood from some brief description in a book I found through Google Books (stupidly, I lost the link and can't figure out how I found it, but it didn't have much) that it was becoming more common in London theatres, but I didn't get the impression from any of the other mentions I found that it would have been common elsewhere - the London theatres seemed to be more daring than others in this respect. So my theatre troupe, trying to make sure they wouldn't be seen as improper by the still fairly conservative Finns, would not have any kissing between their (young and unmarried) leading couple. Am I right?

Second, if they don't kiss, what do they do when they are playing lovers and there is kissing written into the play? I imagine sometimes it can just be kissing on the hand or something, but what if kissing on the lips is written into the text? Would they just change the text, or simulate kissing somehow without actually kissing?

For instance, in Romeo and Juliet (which my troupe will be playing) there are kissing scenes, one of them with the following lines:

ROMEO: ...Thus from my lips, by thine my sin is purg'd.
JULIET: Then have my lips the sin that they have took.
ROMEO: Sin from my lips, O trespass sweetly urg'd:
Give me my sin again.
JULIET: You kiss by the book.

Does anyone know how such a scene would be played out in those times? Do they just alter/cut out the part where they talk about lips, or imply the kissing in some way? How about other times when there's mentions kissing but no explicit mention of lips?

For the purposes of the story I'd be interested to find things that can stimulate the imaginations of my sheltered young main characters at least a bit, but not be regarded as unusually indecent.

Search terms: I've Googled with the various combinations of stage/theatre, kissing and history (also in German), as well as read some on the history of kissing and of theatre in general. It's hard to find anything since most things that come up are on how to stage kiss or about plays that have the word "kiss" in the name, or some such thing. So, is anybody able to tell me the answer or point me to useful sources? I imagine some detailed histories of how Romeo and Juliet (or another play with lovers and kissing) has been produced in particular times could also be helpful, but I'm not sure where to find one that's detailed enough to also address this point. Actually, I could use tips about such material even if the kissing question gets answered in this post.

Edited to add: I'm Finnish myself, and I've read quite a bit of the available Finnish material on Finnish theatre (and foreign touring productions here) in that era. Unfortunately none of it got anywhere near this topic. I'll probably start on individual actors' biographies next to see if this gets mentioned, if nobody has detailed information here...

Unconsciousness + Sealed in a Grounded Commercial Airplane?

Hello all, I've been a long-time browser and I've finally made enough progress on a few ideas that are floating about in my head that I'm ready to ask some specific questions. I've got several questions that can be roughly divided into two parts.

My story is set roughly in the present day. The date isn't nailed down yet, but it's no earlier than 2006 and no later than right now, 2010. The location is an unnamed Bay Area / Silicon Valley (California, USA) city.

Something is causing people to fall unconscious for a while. Eventually they wake up. I have several questions related to this, all medical, and I haven't made much progress searching online. I've found a lot of different answers that conflict with each other, so I don't know what is right and what is wrong.


1. How long can someone be unconscious without injury?

2. In an ideal scenario, can someone be unconscious up to 12 hours without injury?

2. If someone was unconscious for the maximum time possible without harm, how severe would their dehydration be?
I assume the person's bladder would be completely full. Would the person wake up with a raging thirst? According to my small amount of research, a headache seems likely.

Terms searched: "unconsciousness" "effects of unconsciousness" "how long can someone be unconscious" and many variations.


I've done a lot of research into which airplane I needed for my story, and I determined a Boeing 767-400ER or 767-300ER fits my needs. My question is: are such airplanes "airtight" and if so, how long could someone survive in them before dying of CO2 poisoning?

Details: the pilot of the plane performed a successful emergency landing, but the pilot died inside the cabin alone (there was no co-pilot for plot-specific purposes - and yes I'm sure that breaks all sorts of protocol). There is only one passenger. Engines were shut down, but none of the doors or hatches have been opened.

My research online seems to indicate that airplanes are NOT airtight, but there is some conflicting information on websites. I found some links on this site and other sites on how to calculate buildup of CO2 in an airtight room, but I can't determine anything until I know if the plane is airtight. From my research it seems that if a room is not air tight, then it is unlikely that the CO2 will build up enough to kill.

Terms searched: "airtight + airplanes" "sealed airplanes" "air pressure airplanes" "suffocating + airplane" and many variations

Finally, are there any other questions related to this question I should be asking? Are there any really great airplane books or medical books or other books that I should check out?

Thank you so much!

Reasons for CPS to have to return custody to a parent

hmm, not sure if you guys can help me with this, but I figured it couldn't hurt

I'm writing a Supernatural fic where CPS takes Sam and Dean away from John. (Dean, 12, Sam 8)

Amongst the reasons is that the clerk at the motel he was staying at reported him for leaving the boys alone for three days. After CPS went to take the boy, Dean was taken to the doctor because of a broken collar bone. The doctor discovered that he also suffered from a mild concussion and other bruises. (not to mention that his X-rays show signs of previous broken bones and injuries) The concussion had gone untreated before that point and CPS assumes that the injuries were caused by John abusing him.

Upon entering the boys motel room, the CPS worker found a shotgun in almost clear sight, and after asking, Dean pulled several knives out of his bag. Their kitchen is almost empty of food and Dean only has money for about another week of rent...

Now I'm thinking CPS has a pretty good case to take the boys out of John's custody. Especially combined with the fact that he moves them around every few months, doesn't give them stability in life, Dean's been caught shoplifting and they've been red flagged in several states.

So my problem is that at the end of the story, John has to get the boys back. Both angels and demons are involved in making sure that he does, so they could probably do so in some way. But are there any ways that either side could help things along so that John doesn't get suspicious as to why both heaven and hell want him to raise his own children, rather than allowing them a normal life.

Like, is there anything paperwork wise that could ruin the case, so CPS has no choice but to give the boys back?

Googled for CPS, 'reasons to release children from CPS custody'