November 19th, 2010

  • orthent

Tefillin question, because I don't think would help me with this...

Setting: Poland and Prague, circa 1938

Could someone learn to lay tefillin just from watching another person do it, or would he need to try it one or more times himself before he gets it?

Also...on the scale of 1 = no big, and 10 = your name should be blotted out for even thinking of sacrilegious would it be for a (Jewish) Potterverse wizard to use tefillin as a Portkey?

Google searches: tefillin

ETA: Thanks to everyone who commented! You've not only answered my question, but given me lots of new ideas.

Baby food in 12th c. England

I'm writing a Cadfael story, and one of my characters has just born a child some two weeks ago. She doesn't have enough milk to feed the baby, and neither is a suitable wet nurse to find. So, what would she give the baby? Cow milk? Some mashed vegetables?

Google and food timeline didn't turn up anything useful. I went through the food and drink-labelled entries and the medieval stuff here, too, but am still clueless.

Edit: Thank you all for the helpful suggestions. Now I've got at least an idea about what would be possible.