November 18th, 2010

Gentle Rose

Resource help on British politics?

Setting: modern day UK
Searches: um, kind of what I need help with

Basically, I plan to write a modern AU fanfic, including a Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister's son. (This is Merlin fic to be exact, Prince!Arthur and PM's-Son!Merlin, with, obviously, King Uther, and less obviously, PM Hunith, Merlin's mother).

Problem #1 - I'm American.
Problem #2 - this is a fic that's going to involve a lot of politics, among other things, ranging from political parties to elections to royalty to Parliament-Royalty interaction to, well, a whole lot of stuff, half of which I may end up making up anyway (I don't know yet whether or not this will be a magic AU), but whatever I don't make up I want to be as accurate as possible.

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Manga Nightingale

FBI Agent Operating in London

Location: London, UK
Period: Now

I'm London based so I've got the British side covered what I can't find is any information on the FBI's policy and protocols on sending a agent to London to liaise (keep an eye on) an investigation in London.

Situation: an important man's son (I'm thinking senator) is murdered, it doesn't have any hallmarks of a terrorist case but the father has enough clout to ensure that an FBI agent is dispatched to London to monitor the Metropolitan Police investigation.

I've tried googling various combinations of FBI, operating abroad, London, policy, foreign, investigation but to no avail. If anyone can point me at a resource, on-line or otherwise I'd be very grateful.

[misc] my beach

Children being put into care

Location: UK
Time: Modern day

I've got a married mother of two boys who has a history of mental illness. Her aunt thinks the mother isn't fit to raise her children, and has evidence (diary entries, that sort of thing) of her insanity.

Thing is...where from there? When do social services get involved? If the mother was sectioned, what would happen to the kids? Would they be taken to care, or be allowed to stay with the father?

Googled 'mother with mental illness' 'kids in care' 'kids removed from parents' 'process of children being taken to care' and many more.

EDITED: Thanks for your help guys. I have an idea of what will happen now. :D