November 14th, 2010

Horseshoes and salt as a deterent against witches and sourcerers plus a question about aura's

Google Search terms: general search on sourcerers; Witches aura's; Sourcerers aura's; what colour would a soucerers aura be?;  use of horse shoes and salt as a deterant against magical beings.

Q1) Would a horse shoe, both inverted and the right way up and salt on the floor and on the sills of the windows prevent a witch or a soucerer from coming across the threshold of a house?

If the householder invited them in would that make a difference?

Q2) What colour would a sourcerers aura be? Would it be dark ie black or lighter coloured? ie gold.

My character is half human, half demon.

Thanks in advance. 

edit: The main character is a midwife/ witch (herbalist, reads a version of the tarrot cards, can see auras, alter people's perceptions of things and gently nudge events along in her favour, she can see into the future.)

the sourcer/sorcerer (my brain can't spell today) is half human, half demon. She isn't good or evil as such.
Tea and record

Date Rape, female to male-victim

Search terms:
Google: "Date Rape Drugs"; "Date Rape Drugs" and "men victim"; Men and "Date rape drugs"
Tags here: Alcoholism, 1980s, booze, Canada (misc), drugs, food poisoning, sexual abuse & assault

My scenario is this: Set in 1980 (the year precise), at a high school graduation, a boy is being bought an alcoholic drink, but he doesn't know about it. The girl is of age (19), he's not yet, and her intention is to have sex with him. Now, I know alcohol can be used as a 'drug of choice' for date rape, which will wind up being the situation, since he is going to resist. However, I'm also working on the premise that she may also give him a drug, but this is dependent on one thing. Which drug will work on incapacitating him, unable to fight her off, weakening him substantially, but will still let him be hard enough for sex to be had? I would imagine that it would be painful for both of them, which works for me. If there is no drug to fit the bill, I will just have her feed him alcohol secretly, enough to make him 'pliable' enough for her needs, though not to make him too far gone.

Using Google, I was able to find information on date rape drugs in general, and more along the lines of what to do after the fact. Searching for men as victims pointed me in the direction of male-on-male assaults, which isn't what I'm going for. I found some relevant information through the tags here, though not exactly what I was looking for.

So - in summary, what drug would affect him any which way but sexually, in the year 1980? And would it be available in Canada - or a major city? (Two hours from Ottawa, three hours from Toronto)

Questions answered: Thank you for everyone who helped me in determining the answer to my question, as well as correcting my statements/terminology.