November 10th, 2010


In A Traditional Monarchy W/Parliament Who Works With The King?

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Now that THE STORY THAT WILL NOT DIE is over 119K words long, I've realized that, as extremely helpful the answers to my questions regarding the monarchy have been, I forgot an important one:

If this is a traditional monarchy (c. 1800-1850) with no parliament, who rules under the king?  This question was spurred by running across the Errol Flynn version of  "Robin Hood".  While obviously that has no factual information, it did get me thinking.  I've Googled "traditional monarchy" "court 1800s" and "who rules a traditional monocarcy?"  The answers I've gotten have all been beside the point, mostly giving me titles on down. 

In my story, there is a revolution against the Prince Regent, but who is governing under him?  Thanks so much in advance.

ETA:  This is a fantasy country, loosely based on England.

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name of rare heart defect

Search terms used: rare heart defect, born with three chambers of the heart, low survival rate and varying combinations of the three.

I am looking for the name of a heart defect. Basically, one of my chars is going to give birth to a baby with only three chambers in the heart. I know some small details like the survival rates, as I used to know someone with this defect. I know enough about the treatments, I just can't find the name, and as you can imagine, that makes it hard to find anything else on it. Any help would be most appreciated.

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ANON POST: Adjectives starting with s

Set in the present in the US (though it shouldn't make any difference in this case).

I have one character complaining under his breath about another as he's clearing up his friend's 'mess'. He's alliterating (just because) every word starts with an S... for example I have him calling his friend: stupid, stubborn, sulky, stiffnecked etc.

The character is multilingual (pretty much you name it he speaks it) so I am looking for other similar words in other languages - he's not swearing just complaining, so I'm not looking for anything too rude just some suitable adjectives beginning with S in any other languages - and the meaning please so i can tell if it fits :0).

Thank you.