November 7th, 2010

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Drugs or Methods for Increasing/Improving Fertility for Pregnancy

Setting: Modern-day UK

I have a character who wants to impregnate someone to keep that person tied to him (said person is unaware that this character has taken this plan). He's pretty much willing to do anything (barring non-con/rape) to do it. He's incredibly intelligent and resourceful.

So far, the things I've been planning to make him do is,  obviously, sabotaging the person's birth control (condoms, pills,  etc.). Another is ensuring that the person has increased fertility through drugs. He has no trouble sorting out the person's ovulating cycles--that's almost obvious and elementary to him--nor does he have trouble accessing medical facilities or even that person's medical records. 

My main question is: What should he do to secretly/covertly help increase the fertility/increase the chances of pregnancy of the person (who is female, btw, and is in her late 30s)? I've google-searched 'fertility drugs', 'improving fertility in women over 35/30', and related terms. I've tentatively settled on Clomid as the drug, but I'm  not quite sure if this would work. 

ETA: For further clarification/details: I'm quite sure if the female character has lowered fertility, but she is in her late thirties, was in a war and had incurred injuries, not to mention she  got pretty banged up/hurt often from fighting crooked people, so I'm assuming there are concerns about  her fertility.

ETA 2: Thank you very much for the informative answers/comments. It has certainly helped me give better understanding on the nature of fertility and reproductive coercion. Looks like I'll have to revise and reassess the way I'll be handling this plot point.

Rehab for knee/leg wound.

Setting: Comparable to present day U.S. for purposes of technology, etc.

In my story (yup, it's NaNo,) my MC is in the process of recovering from a pretty serious leg wound which he sustained in war. It's becoming more and more apparent to me as I write this that I need a better idea of what the rehab would be like.

Details: I want him to be pretty significantly injured, and probably have at least a limp for the rest of his life, but I don't want him to actually loose the leg. After sustaining the wound, it wasn't properly treated for a while (as in, anywhere from one to six months,) other than being bandaged and probably given some antibiotics. This was in a war with a level of technology roughly equivalent to anywhere between, say, Vietnam war and present. I know nothing about guns... It was probably some kinda rifle-y thing? I imagine that he was shot in the kneecap, but this could be changed to somewhere else in the leg if it's completely implausible for him to keep the leg after that.

What I'd like to know is after it's finally treated properly, to what level will he regain use of the leg, and how long will it take?

Previous research attempts: To be honest, I haven't been keeping track that closely. I've trawled around Wikipedia, looked at quite a lot of pages about IRA kneecapping, and checked out some pages about recovery from gunshot wounds to the legs. The bit that I'm missing that I'm pretty sure would make a significant difference is the delay of proper treatment.

Thanks all.