November 4th, 2010

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Modern P.I. Licenses

Setting: a fictional town in Maine.  Present day.
Searched: permutations of "private investigator," "license," "revoked," and "Maine."

My protagonist was a licensed private investigator until 2006, when she went temporarily insane and was implicated in some rather gruesome murders.  She was never convicted, but she spent two and a half years in a catatonic state in a mental institution.  My questions:

1. Am I right in thinking that she would no longer have her P.I. license, after such a course of events?
2. What exactly IS a P.I. license?  Is it the sort of thing one carries in one's wallet, or would it be kept in one's office?
3. How would someone verify that a person was actually a licensed P.I.?
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timeline help: HIV/AIDS progression and discovery

Ahead of time, I've done my research on Wikipedia on the HIV and AIDS pages as well as the respective timelines and patient timelines, and I'm just posting here to see if I have my timeline correct. This is for my NaNo, so I'm hoping I don't have to rework everything!

The setting is 1980s USA, Nevada in particular. The world is your typical urban fantasy world-- that is, completely identical to this world save the addition of fun things like magic. The magic is a secret, though, if that makes any difference.

I've got a character born in 1966. He gets his learner's permit in 1983 at age 16 and within a few months gets in a car accident. He loses a lot of blood and consequently has to have a transfusion. I've got him being exposed to HIV via this transfusion, then by 1985 or 86 he gets pneumocystis pneumonia, is hospitalized, and is diagnosed with AIDS. Shortly after that-- a year, give or take a few months, so in 86 or early 87-- he's turned into a vampire in an effort to cure him, rendering the disease no longer fatal since by that point he's technically dead.

I know that screening blood for HIV started in 1985, so I want him to have gotten it before there were conclusive tests to be done on donor blood. I also know that AZT was invented in 1987, but I want him and his father to think that the only way to keep him from succumbing to the disease is by turning him into a vampire. Choosing living forever over a shortened life, essentially.

Now, do I have the basic timeline right? Wikipedia says that infection to the latency stage can take around two months, and the latency stage can last as long as twenty years and as short as two weeks. Is the two or three years given in my timeline realistic enough?

Questions about RV licenses and insurance

This may be bending the rules a bit since there's a chance that life may end up imitating art, but...

Setting: various small towns across the United States, and the roads in between. May shrink to just one region as I investigate mileage and gas prices. Present day.

1. It seems like various states have different policies on whether or not one needs a special license for an RV. If you’re planning on crossing various state lines, do you have to conform to the policies of each individual state, or just the one on your driver’s license?

2. What kind of money can the characters expect to pay for insurance? I haven't settled on a manufacturer or model, but it will be a used Class C motorhome from the 1980s still in pretty good condition. I also want to have each of the five main characters taking a turn at the wheel, but will adding more drivers increase the cost? For the year in which they are driving it around the country it is their primary residence, if that makes any difference.

Googled: "do I need a special license to drive an RV" "average insurance cost for used motorhome" "typical insurance cost for used motorhome"

I also visited trying to get a quote, but they wouldn't give me any info without me giving them my address, phone number, and e-mail first.
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Some questions about mild hypothermia

Hello, I'm another stressed nanoer seeking help....

Setting: Manhattan, February 2010, right after a blizzard.

I tried googling unconscious suffering mild hypothermia / fever following hypothermia / how long does it take to recover from hypothermia and variants of those. Burned at least 3 hours and got nothing. I read a lot of pages about diagnosing hypothermia, degrees of hypothermia and how to treat it.

I want to have the MC rescue MC2, who is half buried in snow, and take him home. I want MC2 to have a mild hypothermia and yet be unconscious. Is that possible or do I need to make him disoriented but awake?
If he's unconscious due to head trauma (nothing serious, just got knocked on the head by someone) and get covered by the snow, would he wake up?
It's after 2am when the MC finds him and it just stopped snowing - would he think about calling 911 if the streets are not cleared or immediately decide to take him home? would he try to wake him up? (also, would he cover him with his coat or would he not risk getting hypothermic as well?)

Sorry I'm asking so much, I'm so stuck with this scene... and got more for the next one:
If he didnt wake him up before, would he wake him up at home or let him sleep the rest of the night?
How long does it take to recover from the hypothermia (after he changed his clothes and put him in bed with a warm blanket)

and lastly, could MC2 develop a fever right after he recovers?

Please help, I really want to move on from this part .__. Thanks in advance..