November 3rd, 2010

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1950's Forensic Science - Gun and Bullet Casings

Setting: America, 1957

There's been a murder. The victim was shot with a 1955 Colt Python (probably 4-inch barrel). Just how much would the forensic scientists know about the gun and bullet in 1957? If they found the bullet casings, would they be able to say, "Yep, it's a 357 Magnum gun, probably a Colt Python"? Or would they just know the .357 Magnums? (Am I even using this terminology correctly? lol) Was forensics far enough along to look at the different grooves in the bullets after they took them out of the victim? Could they ever trace it to the exact gun?

A side note: would this gun be probable for a normal citizen in 1957 to have? He's living in Hollywood but is from the South, so probably likes to show off a little bit. So, showing off and self-defense.

I've googled: forensics in the 1950s, history of forensic science, history of forensics. I also have a book called "Armed & Dangerous: A Writer's Guide to Weapons" but while it talks about the history of weapons, there's not much about the history of forensic science.
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Getting someone out of the drunk tank in London

Setting: London, 2010

Research done: Googled "public intoxication England," read about public drunkenness offenses and potential punishments in UK

Can anyone explain the procedure for getting someone out of police custody for public intoxication in modern-day London? I've read about potential punishments for being drunk in public, but I'd like to hear personal anecdotes, if anyone has one.

My male MC was hit by a spell that knocked him unconscious, and when he woke, he was pretty woozy. When he ran from the female MC (who had kidnapped him), he ran into a police officer, then threw up on the cop's shoes. So he was hauled off to the drunk tank (is that the proper phrase in the UK?), and the female MC has to get him out.

Does she have to fill out paperwork if the police are letting him off with a caution? My male MC is American and is in the UK without a passport; would the police even bother to check that, if they were told he got drunk at a party while there on vacation?

Thanks in advance!