October 23rd, 2010

School options for a wealthy teenager in the 1950s

So I've run into some trouble writing a scene that mentions my MC's school experience (jeez, and it was only supposed to be one throwaway line) and I suspect l_d might be able to help me on this one.

My MC's parents are both wealthy, and he has no siblings; they live on the east coast, though I haven't decided where. (I was trying to weasel out of it by being nonspecific, but for this query it'll probably end up being important.) If it counts towards the family's options, they immigrated to the US shortly before MC's birth, though they are absolutely Americanized (painfully so in MC's case).

MC is also fairly obviously extremely bright, but makes grades safely on the high end of "normal", and is attending junior high and high school somewhere around the mid-1950s.

What are the options in regards to where he'd attend school? (I feel like this is painfully obvious, but I don't want to assume from my own experience.) What kind of school -- public? Private? Religious? (His family isn't Catholic, but mine wasn't either and I've attended nothing but Catholic schools.) It's a fandom trope to depict him attending a New England prep school, but I know next to nothing about those except what I've picked up through pop cultural osmosis. (I also have no idea how their immigrant status would effect their options, though as I said MC doesn't present himself as anything but American.) The parents would be most interested in him spending time with the right sort of people and staying out of trouble, but he'd be interested enough in the actual academics to press that.

If anybody has any suggestions, resources, etc., thanks!

Terms Googled: high school 1950s, private school 1950s, catholic school 1950s, high school US
(And I poked around on the Wikipedia page for secondary education in America a little, but I'm still not sure quite where to look about this.)

Also ye gods is my fandom ever obvious.
Fandom Epilepsy

When was the Peshawar Consulate established?

It's a tiny detail, but vital: When was the U.S. Consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan established?

I've Googled variations of that question, but I keep getting inundated with hits on recent terrorist attacks. And unfortunately, unlike some diplomatic missions, the official Peshawar Consulate website does not include how long they've been around in any of its "about us" info that I can find.

Can anybody help? My characters are going to be in big trouble if it's not there when they arrive!

ETA: Answered! Thanks, everybody! I love this comm....