October 14th, 2010

A Birthday

emancipated minors in the Victorian setting

I'm working in a steampunk pseudo-Victorian setting. 

When I google "emancipated minors" or "emancipation of minors" with Victorian or history, I get references to modern day emancipation or to historical events like the Catholic Emancipation.  So -- was emancipation practiced in the Victorian era?

It's going to be a legal fiction:  some people were artificially created in the form of adults, but lacking experience to manage as such.  The state will declare them wards of the state because they are minors.  Once they can cope, in fewer years that it would take to "grow up", they will be declared emancipated minors -- if that was a practice.  I will have to invent a different fiction if not.
zhou mi

Korean Slurs

[ I know there's a rule against racial slurs, but it's okay to ask about them like this, right? *--* ]

I'm working on a short story--due tomorrow--for my English class (and it's actually doubling as a fanfiction on the side) and I have a question about racial/social slurs in the Korean language/culture/etc.
The story is more than likely going to end up with a homosexual relationship between a Chinese transfer student and a Korean, so I'm curious about what words may have been thrown at them, the transfer student in particular.
I'm looking for:
>Korean racial slurs for Chinese (the equivalent to Chink, etcetc)
>Korean slurs for homosexuals (Such as a fag and the like)

While I was searching I was only concentrating on the Chinese slurs, but thought I'd ask for the second while I was here.
I've already searched on Google with these:
Korean racial slurs
Korean slurs for Chinese
Chinese racial slurs in other languages

I'm not sure if the "names" tag is appropriate; I apologize if it's not~
Any help is beyond appreciated♥