October 13th, 2010


Morning Regency Weddings - why?

Hi all -

This is the littlest of little details, and won't trip my writing up if there isn't an answer available, but I'm wondering if any of you know the explanation for why, for a long time, in England during the 1800s (and, specifically the Regency) there was the requirement that weddings take place in the morning.  The only explanations that pop to mind is that it allowed time for the couple to set off on their honeymoon trip (if they took one) or allowed the officiant time to register the marriage, but those both have flaws.  Why would the government care about getting people on their way to honeymoon trips, and wouldn't most officiants have to travel no further than the parish records to file the paperwork? 

I have googled permutations of 'why Regency weddings morning', and gotten either 'I dunno' answers or references to recent weddings at _____ Regency Hotel, etc. 

Thank you!