October 5th, 2010

  • chija

Roanoke help!

Hey folks!

So, this is not actually a research question for a fic (although fic may follow out of it), but a question for a paper I'm doing for university. The topic is the Lost Colony of Roanoke in popular culture and research. If it's not allowed, mods, please delete, I just figured this would be the place to find friendly, helpful people ;)

My question for all the Americans out there: What do you know about the Lost Colony? Where did you learn most of it? School, personal interest? If you've heard about it mostly at school, how thoroughly was it covered?

Any answer, to all of the questions or just to one of them would be extremely helpful! Thank you so much in advance!


So I know that a post station, Takasaki-shuku, existed in Japan in the Edo Era; I also know that Takasaki Castle and the surrounding town existed at the same time; both places are supposed to exist on the intersection between the Mikuni Kaido and Nakasendo. My question is: is the castle town the same as the post town? Hiroshige's painting of Takasaki-shuku doesn't include a castle... (If it helps, the date we're looking at is the winter of 1634, or the 15th year of Kan'nei.)

Also, if these two are separate places, how far are they, distance-wise, from Mt. Haruna? (If it's only one place, same question.)

Searched: Takasaki Castle, Takasaki-shuku, Mt. Haruna (Google and Wikipedia)