October 3rd, 2010

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ANON POST: Well-paying influential banking job for a 29-year-old male


I'm writing a novel, and one of the linchpins of this story is a 29-year-old man having a position within a bank where he would be responsible for overseeing personnel, transactions, would have signing authority on certain processes, and would be given supervisory authority over the building of a new branch. This is a well-respected man in early 21st century (current) North America (Canada/US, doesn't matter). Not in a financial powerhouse like New York, but an average town where a national bank would have branches and operating offices. This guy has been working his way up in the field since about 18 (or whenever he could first get a teller position), doing placements and working throughout school. He has a Masters degree.

I've done searches for months to try and find this information, looking all over Google, looking at job postings, and going on financial forums. It's been difficult to find postings that give both a job description and salary, and especially hard to find out if my character's age would work with the job. I've searched banking jobs, banking career path, commercial banking career path, high-paying banking jobs, banking positions, banking hierarchy, banking pay scale, banking operations specialist job description (as this currently seems the closest position to what I'm looking for), operations specialist salary, etc.

What's really important is that the job meets the specifications listed above, and that it is plausible that a highly charismatic, driven 29-year-old could hold this position.

I really can't move forward with this book without this information, because I'm going for authenticity and accuracy. If anyone can contribute, I would really appreciate it.

KL (shades-of-sanctity@hotmail.com)