October 2nd, 2010

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Veterinary care for dog with fractured leg

Setting: Present day (2006, if it matters), American small town animal hospital

In searching "veterinary care for dog with fractured leg" "procedure for leg fracture in dog" "veterinary anesthesia procedure" "veterinary x-ray practices" and a thousand variations and related topics, I've collected every possible bit of information I'd ever need regarding what first aid to perform on the dog before taking it to the vet, how to take care of it once the cast is on and you take it home, and how much it would all cost.

What I need to know is what exactly happens at the veterinary hospital itself while a dog with a broken leg is receiving care.

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I know that's a lot of questions. Thanks for any help you can give!
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Gay Football (U.K.) Fans and Gay Couples with Children

Setting: Modern day London. Main characters, Bob and Jeff, both successful business men in their 30s/40s, have been together for about ten-fifteen years and married for seven or so. All their friends know and are cool with it.

Question 1: Bob and Jeff are loyal Liverpool supporters, have been going to matches since they were young, and have a wide circle of friends who also love football/Liverpool. ETA: They're originally from Liverpool, and generally meet up with friends who come to London when Liverpool is playing at a nearby stadium.

Bob and Jeff are not big on PDA at all, but will occasionally hold hands or be extra-nice to each other. How likely are they to be harassed by other fans if/when their behavior is noticed? If they are harassed, would it be restrained to verbal abuse/slurs, generally, or could it be physical? I take it that going with a group of friends would reduce the chances of physical confrontations?

Question 2: Later on, Bob and Jeff take in Jeff's teenage nephew, who has been orphaned/abandoned. They've never shown an inclination to have children before this, so their friends, despite being liberal, are kind of shocked. However, I'd like to know what the general public would think of gay adoptions; I know gay couples have been encouraged to adopt, officially, during adoption drives, and it's legal and all that, but are gay couples with children considered kind of weird or anomalous in real life in England/London? Would their class (They both make a decent amount of money; one's the owner of a small advertising agency, the other either a doctor or barrister) influence how this is seen? Would it be considered more 'normal' for a lesbian couple to want to adopt? Would it be seen as weird especially considering their ages?

Search terms: For question one, I googled variations of football + sports + fans + gay + homosexual + England + U.K. + Britain + harassment + attack + verbal abuse + bullying + slurs + tolerance + Liverpool and ended up with a lot of info on the official stance of English football teams towards homosexuality and how players suspected to be gay are treated, as well as running across the GFSN site, which is all well and good, but didn't really tell me what I needed to know. Any help - links, anecdata - would be appreciated.

For question two, I googled variations on gay + homosexual + adoption + England + Britain + U.K. + perception + stigma, and got mostly the 'official stance' type of results again. Again, links and anecdotes are welcome.