September 11th, 2010


Bathing culture in modern Egypt

What is bathing culture in modern Egypt like? What is expected for daily hygiene, how often is a full bath or shower taken, and which of those (bath or shower) is the more likely? Is body oder acceptable or repulsive? Is bathing done within private homes or are their public baths? Do bathing practices (frequency or method) very between economic classes?

I've mostly searched through Google and WikiAnswers and only turned up things on Ancient Egypt or on appropriate dress and local cuisine for tourists to modern Egypt. I searched with: modern egypt/egyptian bathing culture, modern egypt/egyptian bathing/bathe/bath and modern egypt/egyptian washing.

I am already aware of the Islamic practice of washing the hands and feet prior to prayer.
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Emperor's mother's title

Setting: Vaguely 19th century Europe-ish fantasy world

Question: What would be an appropriate title for an Emperor's mother who was not the wife of the former Emperor? The monarchy in this rather France-like fantasy empire is elected, and when a new ruler is chosen, the rest of his/her family acquire Imperial status as well. It is already determined that the ruler's siblings and children become Prince-Imperial X or Princess-Imperial Y, and their siblings' and childrens' spouses, as well as nieces and nephews, become Prince X or Princess Y, but what might the ruler's mother be called? Referring to her as the 'Dowager' something seems wrong to me, as she was never the wife of the former ruler, but I can't think of anything better, apart from also having her become Princess-Imperial so-and-so, but I'd kind of like something distinct from the other titles.

Searches: I thought Napoleon might be the best parallel, as an Emperor whose family did not previously hold titles, but apparently his mother was just called "Madame Mère de l'Empereur", which is... a bit dull ;) I also tried to find examples of Holy Roman Emperors who didn't inherit directly from their fathers, but in those cases that I could find, their mothers were already Duchesses, Princesses, etc. and I couldn't find any indication that they acquired a new title when their son became Emperor - please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm hoping that someone can think of a real-world parallel that I can borrow from, or failing that, make a clever suggestion to resolve this (really, really little) detail.

Possessed man needs to do something dramatic and distracting

Sounds easy, right?

Roleplaying game in In Nomine--MC is being possessed by a demon that wants to make the jump to another host.  The demon needs to create a distraction with the MC that will prevent the nearby angels from catching it (the demon) before it can get into its next host.  This will take one round of action--not much time--but it has to effectively occupy four player-characters' attention.

MC at the moment is lucid and believes he's still in control.  He's held by the arms by two much stronger guys (PC's) who want him uninjured and not causing trouble.  The demon can take control of the MC's body at any time and is strong enough/insensitive to pain enough to cause injury.  Most believeable is limiting the demon to the MC's voluntary muscles.  MC has no history of epilepsy so I'd like to avoid that.  MC has training in swordsmanship but not in any other martial art..  MC is a sorcerer but with his arms held is very limited in what he can do there, plus I'd like the distraction to continue after the demon has left, which is why I'm favoring a physical injury.

Can a man in that situation dislocate his own shoulder?  That would produce the necessary effect i.e. his pain reaction might be mistaken for demonic shenanigans.  Any other ideas that would work better?

googled:  demonic possession, dp injury, dp physical, dp phys symptoms,  dislocated shoulder.

FYI the game link.  Mods delete the link if it's a problem.
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American First Aid Courses.

Hey - first time posting!

1. In the UK it's quite common to have a qualified first aider in each workplace and a lot of places put on 'First Aid at work' courses (least it is in my field, and everywhere I've ever worked). I'm writing a story about an US character (FBI Agent), and would it be usual for him to have done some first aid at work, or for work?

Have searched google for 'first aid at work' and 'in the US' but mostly get redirected to UK site that mention the US Army. Any help? It's not integral to the plot but would be useful.

2. How common is it to prescribe anti-virals for influenza infections in the US? Here were only do it if complications arise or people are in a high-risk category (in fact it's highly encouraged that you don't go to your doctor unless you have a rash or something). But a number of US sites I've searched talk a lot about what you can be diagnosed for 'flu so I wanted to know if it was common or if bedrest and lots of fluids was the most regular course of action. Mainly searched 'influenza treatment'

Thank you!