September 7th, 2010

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Black Eyes

Setting - 18th century equivalent (not that it matters for this question)

Question - Ok, I've got an individual who has been in a brawl/fight/mob situation, and has a black eye (among other things).

The question is, how soon/how quick does the swelling occur after the blow? How soon does it achieve the purple swollen look? If left untreated (they are in prison and no one cares what happens) how long would it remain that way? How soon would it start subsiding? Also, how long would it be painful?

The project in question is a comic and I'm trying to keep the sense of time visually so any information as per immediate/hours/day/days/week how it would look would be greatly appreciated.

Goggle searches - Black eyes, Black eyes developing, black eye development, black eye healing, black eye time lapse - found lots of articles on how to heal it, how to cover it, and not to put meat on it, but not what I need. I also did find a time lapse of an eye healing but no designation so to the actually timing of the thing.
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Heavy-Duty Pounding

I've been trying to find out what sort of hammer heads were used on early trip hammers and drop hammers. This is outside the scope of any of my blacksmithing books, and so far I haven't found anything appropriate through Googling.

I want to know what would be needed for forging wrought iron or mild steel. Would you be able to get by with a hard, tough stone (and if so, what types of stone would work)? Or would you need something like a case-hardened casting of wrought iron?
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Drowning in the 19th century...

How much would people have known about drowning and how to revive someone in the latter half of the 19th century? I'm writing a story set in the Old West and my character is dragged from the river after someone tries to drown him. Would people have known to check for breathing and pulse?

What sort of medical attention would someone require after? I'm assuming pneumonia would be a concern.

I've tried googling the history of CPR and resuscitation, but it's all quite vague until you get to the early 20th century.
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1920s America: African Americans

I'm writing a novel that starts off in Baltimore, MD 1923 and will eventually move to Philadelphia (thanks to some WONDERFUL help from LD on another post -- seriously, thanks all) and during the research process I sort of fell in love with the whole Harlem Renaissance movement.  It actually led to me realizing that I really didn't have enough diversity in my character cast, which THEN led to me thinking it'd be a good idea to make my main heroine part African American.

Unfortunately, a lot of the information I've found has only mentioned Harlem and the cultural contributions of African Americans at this time.  What I'm looking for, more specifically, is how socially accepted African Americans were during this time period.  Was it possible for them to be middle class citizens?  If so, how likely?  How deeply entrenched was segregation and how widespread it would be in cities like Baltimore/Philadelphia/New York (note on this: my research has shown that the early 1920s were way more tolerant of "differences" such as homosexuality [in the larger cities, at least] than in the latter part of the decade entering into the 1930s)?

Online search terms I've tried are: african americans 1920s, african american 1920s jobs, blacks in the 1920s, social structure 1920s african americans/blacks.

Book research I've done: Harlem: A History, The Warmth of Other Suns, and Up From Slavery (which is a fantastic read, to digress a bit).

Any help or links anyone can provide would be fantastic help.  Thanks a lot!