September 5th, 2010


impiety in classical Greek religion

setting: Athens circa 350 BC

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question: Would it be impiety for a person to refer to another person as one of the gods (meaning it metaphorically, but saying it literally)? If so, how bad of an offense to that god would it be, on a scale of "quite minor" to "live in fear of lightning bolts"?

(scenario: A & B are lovers, and are quoting some bits of poetry about Aphrodite to each other. And then B actually calls A 'Aphrodite.' How worried/freaked-out might A be about this, if they're a fairly pious sort of person?)

Dublin in the Early 990s (Viking-era)

So I've returned to my main writing project, and I have everything (I think) except one little detail - a small, almost throwaway scene that I'd still like to get right.

Setting: Dublin/Dyflin in the early 990s common era - probably during the reign of Ivar of Waterford, but I have not ruled out Sigtrygg Silkbeard's first reign.

Searched: "Viking Dublin," "Kingdom of Dublin," "Dyflin," "Sigtrygg," "10th-century Dublin," "castles Dublin," "Temple of the Black Thor" (and constituent parts of that phrase), among many other things. I've read Wikipedia's articles on Dublin's history and the rulers and conflicts of the era.

What I want: To give a traveller's impression of a brief visit to to the settlement of Dublin/Dyflin. Also useful (though less important) would be for me to know the degree of Christianization in the area.

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Thanks in advance. You guys are all wonderful.
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Stabbing someone with a broken camera piece?

I need some help with a kind of morbid question.

In the story I'm writing, the main character is being interviewed by a small camera crew for a documentary. For various reasons, the interviewer and the main character get into a heated argument and the interviewer stabs her with a piece of the equipment.

My question is--what exactly could he stab her with? If a camera or light or something fell over, might it yield some broken piece that he could grab, carry with him and kill her with? If so, what? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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ANON POST: toxic fumes from rubbing alcohol and paint?

Hi. My story's set in the modern world, current times. A character needs to be poisoned through inhalation and/or physical contact with something in her bedroom, something unusual enough that the average person won't think of. Since I can't think of a way to put the usual suspects and the bedroom together (bleach, detergent, etc. if they even have fumes), I was thinking maybe rubbing alcohol mixed with something, and tentatively have settled on paint. My google searching (house cleaning + toxic/danger/poison; rubbing/isopropyl alcohol + house paint + toxic/danger/poison), however, has come up with nothing except this:

The scenario I came up with is that my character's cleaning her desk (desk surface is painted and attached to the wall of the bedroom) with rubbing alcohol. With her working on her desk a lot, mainly on a laptop typing papers, she gets to inhale the combined/mutant fumes of alcohol and paint.

Is this scenario plausible? Are rubbing alcohol and paint dangerous in any way that would apply to the scenario above, together or separately? Any suggestions, in the very likely case my idea was ridiculous in the first place? Thanks in advance, especially to kutsuwamushi for posting this!
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Checking my WWII facts: does this sound right, and some actual questions.

I have two tertiary characters, Samuel and Adele; in the whole of the (rather large) story I'm writing, they really only function as my main heroine's grandparents, but I'd like to make sure that their back story is factually accurate. So, first off: does the following sound plausible to you for 1944:

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Reform Judaism, which is why he doesn't have any qualms about marrying a marginally Christain Frenchwoman. He's also fluent in French, to grease the plot a bit. Adele had no other family other than her father, and ended up converting some time after her move to the United States, in case you were wondering.