August 28th, 2010

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Cause of and transition to blindness

Setting: Modern-day London.

Previous searches: 'Causes of blindness', with or without 'chemical' (usually comes up with drinking methanol), and 'transition to blindness' (usually comes up with people gradually losing their sight) with or without 'emotional' (instantly comes up with "emotional blindness").

Cause of blindness question: The character in question is losing his sight completely in an accident of some kind. The scenarios I have are all explosions, but other accidents are okay as long as they could destroy his sight in both eyes suddenly and permanently. Other damage/scars/etc. is okay, but for every scenario I've come up with, it feels contrived for him to lose both eyes at once. I looked into retinal detachment, but I don't want it to be treatable (part of the point is that he has to adjust to doing his job, which relies heavily on sight, without sight/while asking others to be his eyes). How could he lose both eyes, at once, probably in an accident without it being overly contrived? (I don't know how much it matters, but he has a brother who could and would pay the cost of just about anything even remotely treatable.)

Transition question: I've been able to find resources detailing how he'll have to change his practical life, but for some reason the emotional impact is harder to find. I found a couple articles, but they require subscriptions and deal with older individuals and probably more gradual change. The character considers himself a sociopath, but he would have a reaction and I want to respect the reality of his situation. I can guess, but I don't want to just guess about something I have no experience with.

Thanks in advance!

Temporary guardianship for a homeless minor needing Emergency care

The setting is present day LA.  My character is a homeless boy who becomes sick and needs emergency care.  He is brought to the hospital by an adult woman who has been helping him, sometimes getting the boy to sleep at her house, giving him food, etc.  I have searched google under "minor emergency care guardianship", "homeless minor needing emergency care", "minor and temporary guardianship".  Mostly I have gotten information relating to treating a minor in an emergency without consent, but what I'm more interested in is this.  I have a friend who says that the hospital would be desperate to have someone be responsible for that boy so they would give the woman temporary guardianship and allow her information about his medical treatment until Child Protective Services could arrive.  Is that true?  Would the woman be allowed to see the boy?  What if the boy woke up later and asked to see her?

Hangover cures.

Setting: Modern-day USA.
Terms searched: Hangover cures + interesting, +quirky

I've got four characters, all in their mid-twenties, who like to get drunk.

So I'm looking for interesting anecdotal hangover 'cures'. I've googled "hangover cures" along with modifiers to get weirder ones, but that still mostly gets results for pretty standard cures (hair of the dog, giant fry-up), and I'm looking for quirkier, individual stuff. For instance, I've a friend who maintains the only way to cure a hangover is with a tangle twister and three slices of barely-toasted white bread.

So, have you heard of/do you have any interesting cures?

(One of my characters is Chinese-American, and one is Mexican-American, if that affects anything.)

gummy bear injection

Poisoning and Public School queries

Okay, so I've questions for a project I've been researching because, alas, the wonders of Google have failed me...

The context is that two of my characters, let's call them (in a fit of originality) A and B, attend public school in England until the age of 16-17 when, in the year of 1864, I want them both to be expelled. Collapse )

And on to the second query~

A few years later - in 1869 London - the companion of A and B, cleverly dubbed C, has been poisoned. Collapse )

Thank you for your help!