August 25th, 2010


Girl Kicked Out Of House, Can She Stay With Her Sister In Another State?

I am debating, among other things, how old to make a main character. She will be somewhere between 16 and 18, depending on how I can get her to do what I need her to do.

Her parents kick her out of their house in an undetermined Southwestern state. I am leaning toward Utah, maybe, depending on legal info. She hops on a bus and goes to her sister's house in Dallas, Texas. Her sister is a 21-year-old college student and has inherited a house in which all sorts of supernatural mayhem ensues.

I googled "emancipated minor," "transferring schools," and "what to do if your parents kick you out of the house." Those weren't particularly helpful. What should I be searching for instead?
This post from this community was really helpful, Legal Question but it did not contain all the answers I seek.

1.) If she is under 18, can she stay with her sister in Texas, or would she have to go back to her parents in whatever state they end up being from?

2.) Would she be able to enroll in a local high school?

3.) What would she and her sister have to do legal-wise to get her to be able to stay in the house of Where The Plot Happens?

US Army records - available to police

I've googled the basics (service records, military service records, access, etc.) - some good information, but not quite what I need.

I have an character who was honorably discharged from the US Army a few years before the opening of the story, and is now being investigated by various levels of US law enforcement. Would his military records be easily accessible to them, or would they need a warrant or equivalent?

And what would be included in the records? Would there be a photograph? (if so, would he be in dress uniform or fatigues, or...?) Would it be quite perfunctory, with just dates of service, etc., or would there be more details (comments from supervisors, etc.)?

The setting is contemporary - I'm thinking that his years of service would have been roughly 2000-2006.

Thanks for any help.