August 19th, 2010

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Young dual national (Japan and U.S.)

My character is sixteen years old, and he's been living in the U.S. with his U.S.-born grandparents for the last eight years. At the start of the book, his grandparents have died, and his Japanese parents have brought him back to Osaka. After a long stretch of trying and failing to adjust, he decides to move back to the States as soon as he's of age and give up his Japanese citizenship as the final punctuation on that part of his life.

I've done research on dual nationality using several government-sponsored sites and spoken to a number of people who've dealt with the process in the past, but I ran into a snag, and so far everyone has a different answer. I'd really appreciate some help!

My character was born in the States to native Japanese parents. From what I understand, this would make him a dual national. I've also read that Japan has a policy requiring dual nationals of the U.S. and Japan to choose a nationality by the age of 22. However, the U.S. doesn't have this policy, and, according to this site:

“Choosing” Japanese nationality does not mean you lose U.S. nationality. If your choice is to remain Japanese, you will still retain your U.S. citizenship. If you wish to renounce your U.S. citizenship, something we never advise, you must come to the Embassy or a consulate in person to complete that procedure. This is completely separate from the Japan requirement to choose or not choose Japanese citizenship.

If I'm reading this correctly, then the whole procedure seems contradictory. If Japan requires you to choose one nationality, aren't you automatically renouncing the other one?

My second question is hopefully simpler. Since my character has dual citizenship, I had him born in the U.S., live in Japan from ages 0.5-8, then live in the States from 8-16, and now back in Japan again. Would that kind of jumping around be possible in his case?

I hope I made this clear enough, and thank you in advance for your help!
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Transitioning in the UK 1960s-present

So I have a trans male character who was born in the UK in 1953, and I'm trying to figure out some details of what his legal and medical transition might have entailed and when. I've read the Wikipedia article on transsexualism, an H2G2 article on 'Transsexualism - A Recent History,' a variety of UK websites for transsexuality, and googled variations on "history of transsexualism in the UK," but most information seems to be only relevant to the present or else only available on trans women.

So I have rather a lot of questions.
1. How early would he have been able to present as male? How effectively could this be done while still legally female?
2. How early could he get access to testosterone treatment and chest surgery, and how would he find out about them?
3. How possible is it for him to be mostly stealth in the 1980s to present, if at all? What are the earliest points he could have changed various forms of documentation?

Help would be greatly appreciated! Any other details that might be relevant are awesome, too.
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Russian diminutive for Konstantin?

This is my first time posting here so I really hope I'm doing this right...

A few of the main characters in my story are Russian. Two of them are twins, born circa 1902 in Russia to a middle-class Russian father and his English wife. As enthusiastic as I am on Russian history, at the moment I'm not a genius at it and so I hope I don't sound ignorant or stupid.

My question is regarding names - the boy I called Konstantin; as far as I can tell (from research into obituaries from the time and similar records) there's nothing inaccurate about it (please correct me if I'm wrong).

The girl, however, I struggled with. I have a great attachment to the name Sasha, which I know is a diminutive for Aleksandr. Considering that their mother was English, I was wondering if there was any likelihood that they would call a girl Sasha at the time? It seems like a total cheat to use the excuse 'oh, her mother was English and just liked the name' lmao but I really do like it.

If Sasha is too unlikely, I'd love suggestions? I'm fond of girl names with 'shka' in them; I've been searching the internet for names of the time and I don't know if I'm just looking in the wrong places but I'm not having much luck.

Thanks so much!