August 18th, 2010

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Veterans and the FBI, IRR, deployment and locations with both FBI Division and Air Force Base


My story is set in modern day America and has two main characters, a female former Marine officer (EOD/paraordnance, now in the IRR), working as an FBI agent and a male active-duty USAF officer.

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I'd very, very much appreciate any help, even if it only answers part of those questions. Thank you very much :)

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fag as slang for cigarette

Story is set in an American summer camp for girls in the late 1980s, in New Hampshire. One of the characters is a British girl, about 17 years old, of significant wealth. Her mother went to this camp as a child, and arranges to send her there as a counselor; she wants her daughter to have a real American summer experience.

Would this British girl use the word fag for cigarette? I did search slang dictionaries, and while its obviously clear that the word fag is slang for cigarette (and of course i've seen other authors use this term), the history of the word is pretty muddled. What I want to know is if someone of this age and class would use that word in the late 80s. And if she wouldn't use fag, is there some other slang term for cigarette that she might use?


I did it for science! Truthiness needed for folksy doc/inventor/eccentric

For an exalted campaign I'm rollin' with a character inspired by Deadwood's Doc Cochran, where my goal is to have someone with an honest but rudimentary understanding of science and medicine, who makes references to the (real, in his world) religious and superstitious aspects of his setting with a old-timey feel. He's intelligent and compassionate, but limited by the facts available through research within his place and time.

If little_details would be so kind, I am working on locating some descriptions of medicine and invention with mix of scientific and superstitious influence. Since I'm familiar with US periods of history, I've been asking The Googles for things like "civil war medicine", "old american west doctors who make house calls", or "crappy inventions of famous polymaths" which turn up very 3rd-grade-textbook explanations of how difficult it was to live during those times. Searches on folk medicine result some better, but with the recent popularity of holistic treatments, it's too much modern folksy and not enough old timey folksy. I thought I'd poll the Human Flesh Search Engine over at little_details, since this community is always impressive with the breadth of knowledge it draws from.

In short, what makes this difficult to research is that I'm not looking for any information in particular. I'm looking for anecdotes to populate my intuition of this character's supporting ideas in his scientific endeavors.

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love is really nothing.
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minors + school enrollment, legal rights, kinship care and crossing state lines.

Hi all! I'm a long time lurker and first-time poster. First off, I'd like to say I love this place to death. Second, I checked the tags related to these topics, just to let you know; this way I can save both my time and yours. Disclaimer: English is not my first language, I apologize in advance for any possible mistakes.

This post contains questions about: transporting minors across state lines (felony x not felony; parental consent needed x no parental consent needed), minor transferring high schools without guardian's help, (possible) kinship care and the whole process, school enrollment in another state, legal rights over kicked out teenager, legal rights over teenager under kinship care, decisions re: said minor's health. This is a lot to put under the subject line, so I decided to be more detailed here.

I'm working on a story and have a couple of questions! The entry ended up huge, even though I tried my best to keep it short. I bolded the main bits of all my questions, this way it's easier for you to catch what I need to know. :D

Setting: September of 2001, United States of America. SoCal & Oklahoma, mostly.

My female character, whom I'll call A., has a boyfriend (from now on, T.) of two years, who lives a couple of states away - she's in SoCal, he's in OK. A. is 17, lives with her Mom, Dad and Brother. T. is 18 and lives with his family. A. founds out she's pregnant while her Dad and Brother are away, and for a couple of reasons I'd rather not go into, she gets kicked out by her Mom. For the sake of simplicity, let's just say she stays at her best friend's for a few days until she can meet her boyfriend and the two of them can work everything out. Long-ish story short: they decide to keep the baby, T. brings her back home with him, A.'s dad doesn't know about any of this. To the questions!

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Ranks of pilots and NFOs in a Fleet Replacement Squadron

I have a story with several characters who are all assigned to the Norfolk Fleet Replacement Squadron where they are training on the E-2 Hawkeye. I need to know what their likely rank would be if they were right at the end of their time with FRS and soon to be deployed.

I have googled a bunch of things:
Fleet Replacement Squadron
VAW-120 (the Norfolk FRS)
Naval Ranks
Ranks of Naval aviators in FRS

I checked the tags here but there were no entries that completely answered my question. I could have sworn that at one time I found a site that said they could be Lieutenants, Lieutenants-junior grade, or ensigns but Lt. seems too high for likely time in service. Also would the rank of the NFOs be lower?

Thanks in advance.