August 17th, 2010


wrist injury (possibly dislocation)

The story is set in 1994, in England and in a fantasy setting (basically, it's Potterverse).

There are two characters involved, roughly of the same physical type. One is slighly taller and the other is a little skinny, don't know if that changes things.
They are arguing, and at some point of the two (the skinnier one) takes the other's wrist in his hand, and twists it with a sharp movement.
Realistically, would the other one's wrist be injured? Could it get dislocated this way? Or would another kind of injury be more likely? Or no injury at all?

Also, how much would a wrist dislocation hurt? One of my ankles got sprained a few times (hurt like hell!), would it be as much painful, less painful or way more painful? Would an average person (not particularly used to pain) be able to "snap it back" into place or would the pain be too much?
Would it hurt if he just moved his fingers? Would he be able to move his fingers at all?

I've tried looking for info on Google (with search terms like "wrist injury" and "wrist dislocation") and tried the injury tags here without finding what I need...

Criminal's life before trial/prison (also with an injury)

Chicago, Illinois. Current year. Tried searching google for "police procedure before trial", "where do prisoners go before prison", and various combinations/versions of those. Also read wikipedia article Detention_of_a_suspect

I'm interested in the specifics of what happens to a suspect caught "in the act" of a crime who has also been injured. For instance, if bank robbers get away but one of them is hurt and can't escape, so would be the only suspect.

Where would they go? Would they go to a normal hospital under heavy guard? Or a prison hospital?

After they have sufficiently recovered, where are they held? A small jail? A police department holding cell? Or a proper full size jail? Does it depend on the severity of the crime?

At what stage would they get the opportunity to post bail? Is there a certain time limit? Does that also depend on the crime/circumstances?

This is all before any sort of trial or sentencing, which would presumably take weeks/months to happen.

If anybody knows this sort of thing, or has any articles with lots of details about these sorts of things, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


Setting: A few years in the future, but set in a normal universe. Massachusetts is the state they're living in.
Search Terms: IVF, IUI, and artificial insemination on Wikipedia, Googled IVF and  then IVF for same sex couples. Also googled IUI - twins and chances of twins.

Scenario: A lesbian couple have decided to have a baby. I was going to go with IVF at first, but then found multiple ways. I have no clue which would be best for them. I do know that it will take three attempts for the pregnant partner to successfully conceive, and that they'll have twin boys. (Not sure if they'll be identical or fraternal yet, however.)  Would identical twins be a possibility with these one (or all) of these treatments, or would they be fraternal only? 

And I also found Reciprocal IVF Treatment, something I am considering for them.Which one do you think is the best possible way to conceive? I was going to go with IVF at first, but IUI seems like a plausible scenario, too.