August 15th, 2010

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Naturalization & Public Office in 1920s Germany

My story takes place in 1934 Berlin, just around the time of the Röhm-Putsch (June 1934). My main character was involved with the KPD before it was banned, and it was my plan to have him become a representative in the Reichstag for the KPD at the tail end of his time with the Party.

I have two questions:

1. My character is of Polish descent, but his grandfather became a german citizen through naturalization. My question is, since his grandfather was a naturalized citizen, would my character be automatically considered a german citizen? He also served in the army during WWI, would that be enough to grant him citizenship if he wasn't before?

2. Second question, would it be plausible for this character to serve as a representative of that party in the Reichstag? My understanding of elections during this time is that the party chose the candidates and the proportion of the vote they received in the region determined how many of those candidates served in the Reichstag.

I've tried Wikipedia. And I've found a couple chapters on google books about citizenship, but it doesn't cover Naturalization. I've also been unsuccessful trying to find a book or articles on restrictions for participation in the Reichstag or how elections were conducted during the 1920s, early 30s.

Price of a pocketwatch in late Victorian England

I'm writing original fiction, part of which is set in late Victorian London (around the 1880s/1890s). My question is how much would a good quality pocketwatch have cost then?
I've searched on google for various combinations of words like cost/price of watch/pocketwatch 1800s/victorian era but I'm getting bogged down by the histories of the watchmakers with no reference to specific prices, or modern prices of antique or modern pocketwatches. The closest I've got is discovering that a good quality pocketwatch would have cost about a month's wages but that refers to America rather than England and also doesn't give a specific date either. I also tried searching on but can't find anything on there.
Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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The number of posts I've been rejecting lately has been depressing even me, hard-hearted mod that I am, and so it may be time for a rule reminder.

Your posts are required to contain information on how you attempted to research your question, and "I googled" or "I checked Wikipedia" doesn't count. You need to include at least some of the keywords you tried or some of the articles you read.

So far I've tried to be lenient and approve posts unless I could think of an obvious search term to try, but this type of enforcement is subjective and I'm sure that some of you feel like your posts were no more rule-breaking than one I let through. But if you follow the rules you should have no problems!

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Can't be an astronaut.

Modern-day USA.

So I have this character who always wanted to be an astronaut, but I need a reason she can't be.

I've done some research, and I've found what the basic physical requirements for being an astronaut are, but the only specific rules I could find were 20/20 vision and BP not more then 140/90 (there's a height requirement as well, but she fits that) The vision isn't much of a deterrent because she could have LASIK. The sites I've checked don't really mention more then the initial screening tests, but I figure there are obviously some hard-core fitness requirements as well.

I need an injury or ailment that only becomes apparent when she's a college sophomore (though it could be something pre-occurring that only gets worse then, if something showing up completely out of the blue is unrealistic). It can't be something that will affect her day-to-day life to a huge degree, though it's okay if it affects her a little.

She played field hockey in high-school and college (so it could be an injury from that, but not a medical ailment that would have prevented her from playing) and it can't affect her hands, because she's a musician. And it has to be something major enough that she gives up on being an astronaut almost immediately, not something that only becomes apparent as a barrier later.