August 5th, 2010

Toreador Concept Art

Extent of Komsomol and Young Pioneer Membership in the 1930s Soviet Union

Setting: Leningrad, USSR, 1930s
Searches: "percentage + Komsomol + membership," "extent + Komsomol + membership," above with "Young Pioneers + Soviet," all of above + "1930s"

Two of my characters (twin brothers, actually) are born in 1920. Their parents have been factory workers since before the October Revolution, and at least one of them takes a similar job after leaving school. The family as a whole gets through the purges etc. with a relatively unscathed record. One of the brothers is somewhat ambitious, while the other one just wants to keep his head down and stay out of trouble; if either of them disagrees with the party line they keep it to themselves.

I gather that membership in the Young Pioneers and the Komsomol was rising at this point, and the Komsomol had more recruitment among urban youth. Would it be likely for either of them to join these organizations? Unusual for them not to?

Thanks in advance.

ETA: And answered! Thanks for the quick responses, everyone!
Of Legend

Weatherbuilding and Moonsmithing

Right now I'm writing about a habitable planet that is about Earth sized, with one main landmass roughly the size of the Eurasian continent and two small chains of islands roughly the size of the Hawaiian Islands, one just off the southern coast and another several miles east and north. There are two main mountain ranges, both on the western side of the continent, though I'm currently planning on the eastern shore have some cool sheer cliffs to build fortresses on. The continent itself runs from the equivalent of the Tropic of Cancer down to just above the equivalent of the Antartic Circle. There is another continent on this planet at the north pole, which is about as habitable as Antartica. There is one moon, about moon sized.

What I want to know is: what's the weather going to be like? I'm assuming that, with all that water, and very little chance that any storm heading in from the east will hit a big mountain range and break up, that coastline is going to be pretty battered, but let's talk about my background in meteorology!

*cricket chirps, before being run over by a tumbleweed*

Also, I have no idea whether or not it's even possible, but what would cause a moon to be sideways? By which I mean that, rather than have a sickle-shape, it would be more of a smile-shape? I kind of want to say that polar orbit would do it, but let's talk about my background in astronomy!

*crickets mob the tumbleweed, chriping pointedly*