July 29th, 2010

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My ignorance is a little embarrassing here. I've searched, government sites, University help pages, hundreds of Google images and several Wiki articles and think I managed to put the facts together but can't find a definitive answer.

On a Mexican passport, would a US F1 student visa be a page in the passport or a separate document? If separate, is it laminated, like a driver's license or green card?


Would a WW2 surgeon recognize "shell shock"? And then what?

searches: "shell shock" ("world war 2" OR ww2 OR "world war ii") (I read up a bit on it, but didn't see much that'd answer my questions), ptsd treatment history (apparently it was "battle fatigue" by WW2), and the first search with "battle fatigue"

The time is WW2. My roleplaying character is a British-trained American surgeon who's been working in field hospitals for the British army (that is, she's American born and raised, but went to medical school at Oxford, then went to work for the British military). She's fairly newly trained (she's only 25), but has been doing surgery in field hospitals for about a year.

For complicated reasons, she's now dealing with a woman who would probably be diagnosed with PTSD, if she were seen by a modern pshrink, due to spending a number of years in a truly horrifying mental institution (she probably wasn't really crazy to begin with--but she kind of is now).

1. How likely is it that she'd recognize the other woman's symptoms as possibly PTSD/"something like battle fatigue"? She has some... magical assists (the game is Scion, and she's got the health purview), but I need to know how difficult the GM should make it for me to figure this out. I know she wouldn't know the term PTSD, but I don't think it's too much of a leap for her to think "something like battle fatigue" if/when she recognizes the symptoms.

2. Other than what she's picked up from personal observation, how much would she probably know about the condition? What information would likely be available in (readily available) relevant medical journals or similar sources?

3. Were there any *treatments* for "battle fatigue" at the time, other than "remove the person from the source of the trauma and talk to them"?... I'm seeing mention of rest, "talk therapy"/counseling, and possibly sedatives, but given the nature of the patient, sedatives are *not* an option...

Undercover Agent in Entertainment Industry

Okay, I apologise in advance for the vagueness of this inquiry. I am still in the early planning stages, so everything is pretty much up for grabs plot wise and I am still just filling inky main character.

Basically, my main character is a well known celebrity, recruited during her college years she functions as an undercover agent investigating in places your average fed can't access. Ideally, she would be in the FBI, but I am unsure as to the likelihood of this. I'm not sure whether such an undercover operation would be undertaken by that agency; if not, which agency would bemost likely to have such a department?

The reason that I thought first of the FBI is that one of the main plotlines involves my MC
investigating a serial killer case. Which she keeps quiet, so that she isn't told to back off because of the dangers involved.

Ideally, my MC would have a position of authority with the agency, despite not having much facetime within it, since given the delicacy of her position very few people know of her involvement with the agency. One of my other characters is also an agent, who doesn't know that my MC is part of the same agency and so is suspicious of her. What sort of position would I be able to give my MC in order for her to rank higher than this other character? While the other character is still in a high enough position to partake in an undercover narcotics op.

How old could I realistically have these characters be? They would both be the same age and I had drafted them in as mid-twenties. Would this be possible given the training etc?

Finally, what happens when an undercover agent breaks cover? Are they simy sent back into the field in a different role not undercover? Or is there a different procedure after they are debriefed?
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Midwives during the time of Jesus

I'm trying to figure out how midwives fit into society in Palestine during the time of Jesus (ie right around 4 BC to 30 AD). I've read Wikipedia articles that looked at all relevant and done several Google searches on variations of "Palestine, midwives, Jesus" and "Roman empire, midwives, Jewish," and the like and I haven't come up with much. I also looked through any semi-pertinent tags here, and didn't find anything.

Basically, this is what I"m looking for:

Did only the wealthy have midwives? (Some of the articles I've read led me to believe this was so. Other say that poorer families also had midwives present at births.)

Who, exactly, were the midwives? Jewish? Roman? What class? (It seems that midwives were highly trained slaves. Is this true? And if so, how does that play into the first question, because poorer families aren't really going to have slaves.)

For that matter, how much intermingling was there between Romans and Jews in terms of who was the midwife and who was having the baby? (I know this is fairly vague and I know that I'm leaving out lots of other classifications of people. The story, though, is really just interested in the Romans and the Jews. I also know that the location is rather vague, and I expect there are differences between Judea and Galilee, etc.--I'm interested in those differences as well.)

Bottom line: Were Jewish women midwives? How were they treated in society? And if not, then who were the midwives for Jewish births?

Thanks a bunch.
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Problem with eyes...

Okay so while writing I’ve been caught up by the following doubt.

More or less modern time (okay, we’re slightly forward in the future but not that much).
Due to a hitting his head twice a boy suffered a partial retinal detachment in the right eye. To make matters worse he also suffered a small intracranial hemorrhage that caused him a temporal total blindness. The doctors fixed the whole thing in time only the boy now has his head wrapped in bandages and both his eyes covered by them.
My question is, in this state can he cry as in shedding tears or due to the operation he underwent and the fact his eyes are covered in bandages is more likely his ability to produce tears had been temporally inhibited and he can only make the sounds typical of crying but with no tears involved?

Also, if he can cry, how this would affect him?
Meaning, would be dangerous for the eye that suffered of a partial retinal detachment?
Would just require to redo the bandages?
Also how long it would take for the bandages to be removed completely?

Thank you to whoever can help!

PS: also I hope the tag is right...

Major resettlement in USA

So I'm writing the The Great American Zombie Novel (TM) (it's a working title lol) and it involves a huge resettlement of the northeast. Think... from the Potomac north to the Canadian/Maine border and the Allegheny River (by Pittsburgh) east to the ocean.

Now, they evacuated as many people as the government possibly could, though there were uninfected survivors still living in the area when they closed the borders. They either didn't want to or were unable to leave.

Now my questions I have are as follows:

1. How many people do you think they'd be able to evac before being forced to close the borders? [Edit: The virus (either nanobot or a mutation of the human strain of Madcow (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) takes about 24 hours from infection to reanimation. It started sometime in late 2011 (October-ish) and the story is set 3 years later, the same time of year.]
2. How would a resettlement camp be set up in near future US? Think... 2013-14. I would suspect there would be several of them spread over, but the one my small group is in would be relatively close to the border, in one of the original camps.
3. How would an underground group be able to sneak supplies across the border? Would they be paying off some of the military personal? Find a less manned part of it that is a weak spot?

I really... have no idea how to tag this let alone google search it. So even if you could suggest terms to use that'd be helpful.

Thanks so much in advance. I've heard amazing things about you from houseofknaus. <3