July 25th, 2010

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Buying and storing liquid blood

Modern day setting, eastern United States and Quebec (Canada).

In the story, vampires reduce their need for human blood by buying animal blood from butchers (preserving the masquerade by discussing blood recipes, like pudding or sausage), but I need some help with how it'd be stored.

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ETA: Wow you guys are fast! Thanks muchly for all your help!
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Sexual Harassment class

when: current day and age
where: Cardiff, Wales

I'm looking for what topics would be taught in a sexual harassment course for a work place.

Phrases I have Googled: "sexual harassment training", "sexual harassment classes" and "sexual harassment prevention"
They gave me the information but what I want to know is the general order and "how" or method it would be taught: Which topics go first? Are there any activities that the "class" would do? Would it all be taught in one day or spread over several days? Is there a quick version and a drawn out version? Any information you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated.

*Edit: thank you all, I believe I have all the information I need...
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Pikachu attack

Google terms: Pikachu, Pikachu 100,000 volts, Pikachu jyuumanboruto, Pikachu attack, and so on

Question: In Pokemon in English, what does Satoshi say when he wants Pikachu to attack? In Japanese it's "10-man boruto!" (100,000 volts!) Thank you. [I swear I never knew Kink Bingo would lead to this....] ETA: "Pikachu, Thundershock!" (thank you to everyone who answered in the first minute after this was posted ♥comm love♥)